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New War Zone Octarius Warhammer 40k Rules Announced!

Are you ready for the latest War Zone Octarius Warhammer 40k 9th edition campaign book? The Octarius System Campaign depicts drama and war in the Octarius system, providing guidance for running complete, tactics-driven, narratively relevant campaigns in the Warhammer universe. If you’re all about powering up your 9th edition

What we Know about Index Blood Ravens- Nights At The Game Table

So, it looks like Blood Ravens are finally going to get some rules. Next months White dwarf will have an index entry for them, much like it did for the crimson fists. The Blood Ravens have actually been around for a while. In fact, they even got their chapter

What We Know About Apocalypse: Nights At The Game Table

Thats right its the End Times… Wait just kidding, I mean Apocalypse. Apocalypse (from here on in i”m calling it Apoc.) Is one of those game types that was always really cool to see, but rather time consuming to play. Regardless of the edition it, would often take an

Warhamer 40k Ynnari New Rules – Nights At The Game Table.

So, some big changes came to Ynnari this year. This is a faction that GW has been trying to balance for a while. First, they tried to change the points costs of shining spears and dark reapers. Whilst also putting a 3 unit per army limit on non troops.

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