New War Zone Octarius Warhammer 40k Rules Announced!

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Are you ready for the latest War Zone Octarius Warhammer 40k 9th edition campaign book? The Octarius System Campaign depicts drama and war in the Octarius system, providing guidance for running complete, tactics-driven, narratively relevant campaigns in the Warhammer universe. If you’re all about powering up your 9th edition Ork Army to play out the War Zone Octarius story yourselves, this is the codex supplemental campaign book for you.

This War Zone Octarius book also includes an Astra Cartographica Index, a Blood Axes Codex Supplement, and a Speed Freeks Speed Mob Army of Renown, with specs for use immediately available for campaign play.

Why Play Warhammer Warzone Octarius Tactics Campaign?

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In Warhammer, campaigns are sets of battles that serve the overall Warhammer universe, fitting into the beloved lore that accompanies the system. In campaigns, you can achieve long-term objectives. Each game is like a battle in a war. You can:

  • Claim resources
  • Use special rules to enhance your existing army
  • Access new relics

Campaign play also lends itself well to team-based play, as you can play out different sections of the same battle side-by-side with your teammates. Prior to play, you and your opponent can determine terrain (area of conflict), consequences, and the prize for the victor. Campaigns, especially when shared with a team, can help you create out of game bonds with others as you participate in a larger story together. And yes, campaigns are enjoyable for both newbies and veteran players alike–and they’re excellent for helping a new player feel like part of the team.

Some players prefer to plow through an entire campaign in a weekend, while others would rather play once per weekend for a set amount of time. Don’t forget to consider players’ holidays and work and family obligations, and schedule around them. 

How Does the Warhammer War Zone Octarius Campaign Work?

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The War Zone Octarius Warhammer 40k Campaign gets split into phases. Each phase allows you to play out instrumental conflicts in the War Zone Octarius Zone. Whichever alliance has the most War Zone points at the end of each phase, the one who accumulates the most points scores a victory. 

This emphasizes how important each battle and phase is to the overall victory: every battle counts in War Zone Octarius. Each player should play the same army throughout the campaign. In addition to people getting to pick what they really enjoy playing, this helps players avoid rushed painting and other stress that could impact their enjoyment of the game. 

There are five Phases in the Octarius System campaign. Each phase has three stages. There are no more than five phases in any campaign, but the exact number is up to the Campaign Master. 

How to Organize a Warhammer War Zone Octarius Warhammer 40k Campaign

In most gaming groups, a true leader emerges: someone capable of actually getting all players together in one place at one time. If you like organizing tournaments and events and have a firm understanding of the Warhammer 9th edition codex supplement rules, you’re a candidate to be a War Zone Octarius Warhammer 40k Campaign Master. As a Campaign Master, you will:

  • Organize game play
  • Track campaigns and victory points
  • Decide on predetermined campaign scenarios to challenge your players
  • Decide on type of game play (narrative, open, or matched)
  • Choose size of battle
  • Select missions

As with any Game Master in a wargame or table top role playing game (TTRPG), the Campaign Master should consider their players’ preferences before deciding upon what type of battles will occur in the campaign. As a Warhammer 9th edition Campaign Master, you should consider:

  • Armies the players already have
  • Whether people will need to purchase, paint, and ready new models in time
  • If players will enjoy the selections you’re making
  • Players’ schedules and real life obligations
  • Divide compatible players into alliances

Remember: These opponents are going to war, but gameplay is always best when everyone can agree upon the starting scenario. As a Campaign Master, it’s your job to create a campaign that works for everyone–their schedules, resources, and what they most enjoy. 

Octarius War Zone Warhammer 40k Campaign Master’s Edicts

These additional tools can help the Campaign Master augment or support a campaign in the Octarius System. When an edict becomes active, it applies to every game played in that campaign. We recommend checking out the Critical Missions.

How to Select War Zone Warhammer 40k Octarius Alliances

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In the Octarius War Zone Warhammer 40k System, you can use two or three alliances. If you’re using two, you’ll have Attackers and defenders. If you want to add a third alliance, you’ll use the Agents of Disruption. Here are the best ways to assign players to alliances, based on their preferences, skills, and play style:

Attackers: If your player has a Tyranids army, this type of alliance would suit them best. The Tyranids desire to consume the biomass on Octaria, functioning under the command of their Swarmlord. While Tyranids are most effective here, any other army that has reason to oppose Orks also makes sense. Considering what armies people have or are willing to build for a campaign is important, so don’t forget about the many possible army types who could function as Attackers.

Defenders: Orks are typically defenders in this scenario. If you have a player who is all about the WAAAAAGH!, and has the corresponding 9th Edition Warhammer Ork Army, Consider placing them on the Defender alliance. Any other army siding with Orks makes sense, especially if they have reasons for opposing Tyranids. The Orks currently hold Octarius Sector and are rampant in their defense.

Agents of Disruption: This third (optional but fun) alliance is well-suited to the chaotic player who enjoys the occasional manipulation present in Warhammer lore. It’s called “Agents of Disruption” because these armies have reason to sabotage the victory of either side. Sneaky attacks and quick strikes are markers of a solid Agents of Disruption alliance–and a player skilled at those tactics will be best suited to the Agents of Disruption alliance.

In the Octarius System Campaign resource, Games Workshop officially recommends constructing a narrative reason for armies who might normally ally if that’s the preferences of those who play. Consider adding a MacGuffin object to provide a reason for one army to break with the norms. 

To assist with organization, GW suggests the Campaign Master utilize Campaign Trees as outlined in the War Zone Octarius Codex Supplement. 

How to Assign War Zone Octarius Victor Bonuses

Campaign Masters should select Victor Bonuses when they plan their Campaign Trees. Games Workshop suggests using a random rolling mechanic to accomplish this (they provide one), but also encourages the Campaign Master to consider choosing a Victor Bonus that suits the narrative of gameplay. 

There are 16 different War Zone Octarius Victor Bonuses (plus a Final Stand Victor Bonus, for the last stage only) to choose from. Some of the Victor Bonuses make more sense when you have the Agents of Disruption in play. Each Victor Bonus is especially well crafted towards narrative purposes, for example the Superior Logistics Victor Bonus, Shadow Operations Victor Bonus, and Strategic Thinkers Victor Bonus. 

The Final Stand Victor Bonus

The Final Stand Victor Bonus only happens in the last Octarius System campaign stage. If the campaign went on for a full five phases, the alliance’s total Strategic Value gets a +2.

Have you checked out the Octarius System Campaign yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Astra Cartographica provides especially immersive and engaging options for narrative play, but this is not the best Detachment to use if you’re going for competitive Warhammer play. Those who want to actually represent themselves and their friends on the board can custom paint these models to add flair and fun to the game. 

Astra Cartographica: Rogue Traders

rogue traders warhammer 40k

The amount of lore and background behind Rogue Traders is various–because they have Warrants of Trade, Rogue Traders could be deal brokers, scouts, warriors, and more. They’re exciting to play because the Warrants of Trade permit them to do anything and everything necessary to complete their objectives. 

Rogue Traders tend to explore regions of the galaxy previously unknown to them, seeking treasure and resources to claim in the name of Imperium expansion. 

Some Rogue Traders are simply all about the money, fortune, and glory. Others consider it a pious obligation to the Emperor. All are especially devoted and cutthroat when it comes to achieving their goals and claiming their fortunes.

Rogue Traders train and maintain all the skills necessary for pioneering. They’re the quintessential expansionists, claiming and colonizing the galaxy for the Emperor. 

Rogue Traders aren’t simply legacies in lore–they’re legacies of the game itself, which was originally called Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader (1987-1993).

What is a Warrant of Trade?

Similar to how privateers could acquire a letter of marque from reigning monarchs historically in our real world, the Imperium can issue a Warrant of Trade in the name of the Emperor. A Warrant of Trade can pass down through the generations, galvanizing the feelings of empowerment and entitlement possessed by many confident Rogue Traders. Rogue Traders have expanded to create entire dynasties: in fact, your model might be a new Rogue Trader tied to an important family, or the most recent in a long line of successful, famed Rogue Traders.

What Is an Astra Cartographica Detachment?

To qualify as an Astra Cartographica Detachment, the Detachment must have two or more Astra Cartographica units. It cannot include models that do not have the Astra Cartographica keyword (excepting Agents of the Imperium or Unaligned models). 

You May Want to Play Rogue Traders in Warhammer 9th Edition Astra Cartographica If You….

  • Want to portray cutthroat, ruthless groups who push the narrative forward
  • Like pirates and want to play space pirates!
  • Want to play a Detachment that focuses on focused purpose, like treasure or divine mandate
  • Have points to spare for a small group of models
  • Like using the rotary cannon
  • Want a cyberdoggo in your Rogue Traders Kill Team
  • Are tired of using relics

Rogue Traders Kill Team Datasheets Summary

Rogue Traders’ datasheets have abilities that are shared. The Warrant of Trade Ability allows a unit to embark on an Imperium Transport without fulfilling the keyword requirement. As they have the ability to travel throughout the galaxy with their Warrant of Trade writ, Rogue Traders’ Agent of the Imperium Ability reflects that.

Rogue Traders Warlord Traits

If you decide to use an Astra Cartographica model as your Warlord, you get access to the Astra Cartographica Warlord Traits. These traits represent a Rogue Trader’s well-connectedness, ruthlessness, and guile. They are:

Duellist Warlord Trait

What’s a dashing privateer analogue without seriously suspenseful space duels? Duels have a specific place in society among noble company, seen as the preferred way to settle disputes–but duelling skills also come in handy when your character wants to kick some ass–and look fabulous while doing it.

How it works: Whenever a Warlord with this Trait makes a melee attack:

  • A score of 6 on an unmodified wound roll creates +1 mortal wound to the target. This stacks on top of any normal damage the target may incur.
  • You may re-roll your hit roll.

Master of High Society Warlord Trait

Politics and intrigue–this is the other battlefield Rogue Traders must prove capability on. A Rogue Trader with the Master of High Society Trait is well-prepared, organized, and logistical in nature. 

How it works: When the Rogue Trader Warlord is on the battlefield, whenever you spend a Command point to use an Astra Cartographica Stratagem or a Core Stratagem, you have a chance of your Command point being refunded. To get a refund on your Command point, roll a score of 5 or 6 on one D6.

Privateer (Aura) Warlord Trait

Rogue Traders can become quite focused on (even obsessed with) whatever treasure they’re hunting. They typically seek archeotech and relics. This Rogue Trader Warlord Trait reflects their tenacity and determination. 

How it works: This Warlord Trait applies when the Warlord is within 6 inches of a friendly Voidsmen-at-Arms unit. When that happens:

  • The Voidsmen-at-Arms unit can make ranged attacks without risk of failing any actions it happens to be performing.
  • The Voidsmen-at-Arms unit now has the Objective Secured ability. 

Rogue Warriors Astra Cartographica Stratagems

The Rogue Warriors Kill Team comes with six unique Stratagems reflecting their cutthroat nature and close combat skills. All of the Rogue Warriors Astra Cartographica Stratagems cost only 1 CP. They are:

Violent Acquisition: Astra Cartographica Battle Tactic Stratagem

What it looks like: The Rogue Warrior sees the object of their desire. With increased fervor and tenacity, they’ll take risks–do anything it takes–to acquire said treasure.

How it works: Use this Stratagem when you select an Astra Cartographica unit to shoot during your Shooting Phase, or when you select it to fight during your Fight phase. Whenever a model in the selected unit attacks a unit that is in an objective marker’s range, an unmodified 6 hit role gets a +1 hit. This Stratagem lasts until the end of the phase. 

Cost: 1 CP

Master The Void: Astra Cartographica Requisition Stratagem

What it looks like: Rogue Traders are permitted to go everywhere, and they do–even sailing the void itself. Because they have seen horrors and had adventures in the void, there is little that can take them by surprise outside of the void. They use their void sailing experience to their advantage in combat.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use while you are mustering your army. Choose a single Astra Cartographical Character model and apply an applicable Warlord Trait of your choice to that model. (It only counts as a Warlord if the Warlord Trait is concerned, and every Warlord Trait present in your army needs to be unique.) You cannot give one model more than one Warlord Trait with this Stratagem. You may only use this Stratagem once, unless you’re playing a Strike Force Battle (use it twice), or an Onslaught battle (you can use it thrice). 

Cost: 1 CP

Close-Quarters Barrage: Astra Cartographica Strategic Ploy Stratagem

What it looks like: The voidsmen in this kill team are experts in close-quarters fighting. They react quickly and train strictly, making them effective and deadly when fighting in confined spaces. 

How it works: Choose one Voidsmen-at-Arms unit at the beginning of your Shooting phase. The selected Voidsmen-at-Arms unit must be within any enemy model’s Engagement Range. Assault, Rapid Fire, and Heavy weapons equipped by models in the selected unit get the “Pistol” Type characteristic instead of what they have. This Stratagem lasts until the end of the phase. 

Cost: 1 CP

Concussion Grenades: Astra Cartographica Wargear Stratagem

What it looks like: Ruthless and relentless in battle, Rogue Traders unleash deafening, shocking concussion grenades into the fray, lobbing them at enemy units. 

How it works: This Stratagem is for use during the Shooting phase. When you select an Astra Cartographica Concussion Grenades unit to shoot, you must select an enemy unit that is not a Monster or Vehicle unit within 6 inches of your selected unit. You must roll a single D6. If you get 2 or more on the D6 roll, place a -1 on the attack’s hit role whenever the selected enemy unit makes an attack. 

Cost: 1 CP

Teleportarium Chamber: Astra Cartographica Wargear Stratagem

What it looks like: To save time and appear dramatically, Rogue Traders equip their vessels with teleportarium chambers. This allows them to instantly teleport to their intended destination. 

How it works: This Stratagem is for use prior to the battle during the Declare Reserves and Transports Step. Choose a single Cartographica Rogue Trader unit as well as a single Astra Cartographica Voidsmen-at-Arms unit. You may put these units on a teleportarium instead of the battlefield. If you choose to do this, you can set up the units on the battlefield 9 or more inches away from enemy units (this must happen in your Movement phase, during your Reinforcements step). If you choose both units, they must teleport within 3 inches of each other on the battlefield. This Stratagem may only be used once, with exception of Strike Force battle (use twice) and Onslaught battle (use thrice). 

Cost: 1 CP

Archeotech Grenades: Astra Cartographica Wargear Stratagem

What it looks like: Rogue Traders search endlessly for specific rare weapons, and they often keep the best for themselves. Sometimes they find particularly powerful and unusual grenades. 

How it works: Use this Stratagem by selecting an Astra Cartographica Archeotech Gradnes unit during your Shooting phase. Choose a single enemy unit within 6 inches of your selected unit and not in the Engagement Range of any model in your unit. Roll a single D6. If the enemy has a Character keyword, apply -2. On a 2-5 roll, the enemy unit gets D3 mortal wounds; if you roll a 6, the selected enemy unit gets 2D3 mortal wounds.

Cost: 1 CP

Astra Cartographica Rogue Traders Tactics

The Nights at the Game Table Team has suggested two specific tactics for use with Rogue Traders.

  • Embedded Gem: The Rogue Trader has an Agent of Imperium rule that lets it be taken in other armies specifically. Do this ideally if you are doing this competitively.
  • Plug and Play: The Rogue Traders are good choices for cheap OpSec models to put in the back. Voidsmen-at-Arms are especially valuable for cost.

Have you invested in the Rogue Traders Kill Team? Let us know what you think about playing this unique squad in narrative play.

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