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New Chaos Daemons

Engine War: New Chaos Daemons

Psychic Awakening Engine War has made for New Chaos Daemons with new Stratagems, Relics, and Exalted rules for your Greater Daemons.  Several Datasheets have been added to this book for easy access but there are no new units at this time.  In that regard, the New Adeptus Mechanicus are
New Imperial Knights

Engine War: New Imperial Knights

Psychic Awakening Engine War has given us New Imperial Knights warlord traits, stratagems, and Household Traditions. Very similar to their fallen counterparts, from Engine War: Chaos Knights that we covered. Variety is the Spice of life and with the new rules here, you get more of that While you

A Preview Of Psychic Awakening: Engine War

If you are a fan of Warhammer 40,000 then you know about the Psychic Awakening campaigns. Pretty much every army is getting new rules and progression in their lore. New rivalries are being created or reignited (looking at you Blood Angels vs Tyranids). So far we still have Engine

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