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Games Workshop New Paint

New Paints From Games Workshop Announced

These new paints from Games Workshop are actually really incredible! If you’re reading this likely you fully understand how much an integral part of our hobby painting all of your miniatures is to this hobby. There’s nothing worse than wanting to play a game at your local game store,

The Painting Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

 This painting mat is the secret the pros use to prevent unwanted spillage and to protect their painting area. If you’re serious about painting miniatures and you’re tired of spilled paint ruining your painting area you need to read this! Look, with the right painting mat you can reclaim spilled

3 Quick Tips To Improve Your Miniature Painting!

All of us at Nights have a very special article for you today! Just like our most recent article regarding playing Warhammer while traveling, we have another article straight from the mind of our founder, Adam Lyons! Below, we have three of his favorite tips on supercharging your painting

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