The Painting Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

 This painting mat is the secret the pros use to prevent unwanted spillage and to protect their painting area. If you’re serious about painting miniatures and you’re tired of spilled paint ruining your painting area you need to read this!
Look, with the right painting mat you can reclaim spilled paint, reduce damage to clothing and furniture from spills and even become a better painter by making the mental adjustment to “go pro”.  Also, some of the world’s top Golden Demon and crystal brush winning painters use The Nights at the Game table painting mat to protect their surfaces and reduce spillage while they perfect their painting, and you’re about to learn how you can get your hands on one.
 I think everyone can relate to the pain of spilling black wash paint over their cutting mat, which they’re using as a makeshift painting mat only to have it spill all over the surface and drip onto every surface, ruining clothes, furniture and more.
However, when I spilt my wash back in 2012 and had it drip onto the miniatures I’d been painting for 8 hours straight the pain was so bad…. I quit painting for about a year. I was prepared to lose and old pair of jeans or even my coffee table (though my girlfriend wouldn’t agree here) but when it ruined my crimson fist force I was done.
 A year later, James Wappel, the pro miniature painter told me that he could improve my painting in just 15 minutes, and I told him that I’d quit. I knew that I would never be good and that the damage was done. He suggested I get a few simple pro tools, and learn some simple shading techniques to speed up my painting and improve the quality at the same time. Sure enough, within just 15 minutes I could see a HUGE improvement in my painting; and somehow I was so excited I jumped back into painting with a new drive.
I started getting lessons from the best, and purchased all the pro brushes and tools I could need. Eventually, I learnt the power of “sketch style” from golden demon winner Matt DiPietro and I was back painting more than ever…. I’d almost forgotten about the incident where I dropped the black wash…
… until it happened again.
Thankfully, this time the paint missed the miniatures, but I realized I needed to do something to prevent this in the future. So, I went on a mission to develop a painting mat that could “capture” spilled paint, that had a non-slip surface to reduce spills and was lightweight and easy to travel with.
Introducing the Nights at the Game Table painting mat!
This rubber travel painting mat is easy to fold and maintains its shape!
It has a non slip surface to reduce spills!
Plus, it repels water so that you can even recollect the spilled paint with a dropper and use it again!
This painting mat was designed for people who are interested in taking their painting to the next level. If you want to learn how to paint better, faster and without fear of spills then this is the painting mat for you.
 Our painting mat has been tested by the pros and they all can be seen using it in their classes and personal studios all around the world, as it’s the only mat of its kind that can reduce spillage and allow them easy clean up to continue painting without delay.
When you get the Nights at the Game Table painting mat you get sooo much more.
First, to help you improve your painting you get over $600 worth of video painting lessons and tutorials by golden demon winner Matt DiPietro
Also, you also get $300 of tutorials on 40k tournament game play by the world Warhammer 40k champion Nick Nanavati! Plus so much more as this painting mat is included with a year of Nights at the Game Table membership. Thats right, you get all this plus the painting mat, and exclusive battle reports for just $97 dollars. This membership continues year after year, but you can cancel that at any time.
Naturally we stand by our product. You’re getting over $800 worth of value for just $97. However, if you don’t like it for any reason or it fails to live up to your expectations you can get a no hassle refund at any point with the next 30 days after purchase. We don’t want to take money from anyone who doesn’t LOVE the product and features we’ve created. However, we’re sure that you will love it due to the feedback we’ve had from some of the world’s leading authorities on painting miniatures! Not to mention the lessons and tutorials!
You might be wondering, “How can I pay?”  We accept all normal forms of payment via our online payment processor, Stripe. How much is shipping? We cover the cost of shipping wherever you are in the world, to make it a no brainer easy process for you to get your mat.
Is it available anywhere else? Right now the mat is only available as a free gift with an annual Nights at the Game Table membership. However, on checkout you can purchase an extra mat for a friend if you wish.
What if I don’t like it? As we mentioned above the mat is fully guaranteed; if you don’t like it just contact us and send it back for a full refund.
 Right now you’re at a crossroads.
You can either go on risking your pants, furniture and miniatures by painting without the trainings, tutorials and the epic painting mat.
Or you can give it a try and get your painting mat today and access to all the professional painting lessons from Matt DiPietro.
We’ve tried to make this as much of a no brainer decision as possible, and if you don’t like the lessons or painting mat you can always get your money back.
Ultimately it’s your decision, but we truly believe this is the best painting mat in the world and we know Matt DiPietro’s lessons are game changing.
If you want to paint fast and better without the fear of spills; you need to grab this now.


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