Pre-Indomitus Weekend Recovery


This Pre-Indomitus Weekend Recovery rings in the last week of waiting for the release of the 9th edition and its Indomitus launch box set. What a ride right? We got through a lot in the past week in terms of hobby and it seems that next Saturday Games Workshop is going for a smaller release. Let’s look at all these past and coming events.

Made to order:

Games Workshop shocked the world with their first adjustment of a bad situation. I say first because it’s actually the first time that comes to mind that they fix a shortage of release with a made to order. We figured in our last 40K Weekend Recovery that something would be done. This is an amazing move for everyone around the world that couldn’t get a box. Also a blow to scalpers that are trying to get rid of their overstock now. Great job Games Workshop!


40K Weekend Recovery

Adeptus Titanicus is a completely different game on a totally different scale that pits you in wars of Knights and Titans of both sides of the Horus Heresy. In this expansion, you get 4 more Household to use, new rules, and most importantly a system to create your own Knight Household either for Terra or for Horus. It also comes with a great narrative campaign that is going on on one of the biggest Forgeworld active in the Horus Heresy.

New models:

40K Weekend Recovery

In pre-orders you also get these new models available to wage war in the new campaign or for your own campaign if you want. These Cerastus Knights come with multiple options that leave you with choices to best suit your strategies. If you’ve never painted little Knights and Titans, have a go at it. It’s worth the try!

Lord of the Rings :

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Anybody that plays the Age of Sigmar, Apocalypse, or Necromunda knows how having quick reference cards is useful. Lord of the Rings is getting little releases here and there these days and these cards are a welcome addition as they now cover the armies of good, evil, and Dwarves. 

Black Library:

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A lot of questions exist about how some Space Marine Chapters that are a bit rough around the edges, accepts their new Primaris reinforcements. Space Wolves and Flesh Tearers come to mind. More importantly the sinister and secretive Dark Angels. We explore in this audiobook exactly how things go for a new Primaris recruit when he gets too close to some of the secrets of the Chapter. 

Citadel Paint

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This is the gift that keeps on giving. For anyone that has painted whole armies and is trying to be efficient, having a primer that also serves as your basecoat is such a time saver. I can see this primer saving you time in multiple projects: Necrons (obvious with this new box set, I know and they make a great Starter Army), Khorne Berzerkers, Blood Warriors, Juggernauts, Dwarf armies, Custodians, Sisters of Battle or Silence and of course Black Legion.

Pre-Indomitus Weekend Recovery Conclusion:

With all these coming our way I feel it’s nice to have a bit of a more subtle release with tools and things to enjoy but still keep the focus on the new edition. We are sure to see the other units that were shown probably in the next month or 2. Prepare your brushes and finish your other projects to be ready for this giant box coming your way. What are you most looking forward to? What is the first thing you are going to paint out of your box? Let us know in the comment section.

For those who already know how to play the game and you’d like a free guide that teaches you how to paint professional-looking miniatures, advanced tournament tips from a 40k World Champion, how to find more time to play, and simple methods to get cheap miniatures go here:

As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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