Forge World Imperial and Chaos Renegade Knights Updates

Games Workshop just released datasheets for some new Forge World Imperial and Chaos Renegade Knights. Both the Imperial and Chaos versions of the mighty machines are the same except for keywords. These models look to be pretty devastating so lets take a look…
Acastus Knight
First up we have the Acastus Knight. Which can be in either the Asterius or Porphyrion configurations. The Asterius appears to be a long range devastation unit with a primary weapon that gets better the farther away you are from the enemy. The Poryphyrion looks to be a more well rounded unit, made to kill armies by itself.
Both of these Configurations weigh in at 600 points base.
Cerastus Knight
The Cerastus Knight isn’t quite as well armed as the larger Acastus. But it does have no less than four configurations. The Archeron is the close range option with a primary super heavy flamer and a chainfist. This guy will bring the purge! The Atrapos is the titan-killer. Armed with a variety of high strength weapons, including a black hole firing cannon. Plus an ability to hit titanic units better, this is one to watch out for.
The Castigator is the “anti-swarm” option for the Cerastus. Bringing a very large boltgun and a sword that grants extra attacks. The Lancer appears to be the more well-rounded unit. Being focused on charging into combat to get some bonuses. All 4 of the Cerastus Knights average out to about 375 points base.
Questoris Knight
There are 2 configurations for the Questoris Knight. First up, the Magaera with its lightning cannon is the more anti-swarm version. Generating a lot of hits and with secondary weapons that don’t work against titans. The Styrix makes up for it with most of its weapons dealing more damage or mortal wounds.
The Questoris Knights weigh in at around 360 points base.
Armiger / War Dog Moirax
The Moirax configuration for the Armiger and War Dog allows you to create a smaller version of any of the Knights above. It has smaller versions of almost every cool weapon in the datasheets so far, and you can take a mix of two of them!
The Moriax Armiger / War Dog comes in at 145 points base.
In Conclusion
That was a lot of Imperial and Chaos mech power. The variety of different types of Knights and weapons they can use will add some nice variety to Imperial and Chaos Renegade Knights on the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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