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Stitch Together The Clues On This New Mini!

This week’s Rumor Engine gave us a glimpse of what seems to be some small bit of stitched fabric. As always, it’s quite hard to sew this piece into a bigger picture, and it could easily be a ton of different minis. This piece of stitched clothing, however, does

GW Releases July Pre-Orders!

It’s every wargamer’s favorite time of the week: new gear time! GW has announced the newest set of pre-orders, and Age of Sigmar fans are once again in for a treat! This week, we’ve got the rundown of two brand-new Battletomes and their collections, as well as a new

Warhammer Experience Battle Report! Orks vs. Emperor's Children

This week at Nights At The Game Table, we’re taking a break from our winner-stays-on series to bring our fans something very special: a match from our exclusive Warhammer Experience! One of our longtime contributors, Richard Kruse, is bringing his Emperor’s Children in for a brutal Drawn and Quartered

Age of Sigmar Pre-Orders First Look!

For all of you Age of Sigmar fans out there, you’re in for a treat! GW’s latest items for pre-order have just been announced! And for anyone out there who hasn’t played Age of Sigmar yet, there is no better time to start than right now! Here’s all of

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