Warhammer Experience Battle Report! Orks vs. Emperor's Children


This week at Nights At The Game Table, we’re taking a break from our winner-stays-on series to bring our fans something very special: a match from our exclusive Warhammer Experience!
One of our longtime contributors, Richard Kruse, is bringing his Emperor’s Children in for a brutal Drawn and Quartered match, where both opponents will be fighting fiercely for control of a set of Victory Points. And anyone who’s read Richard’s articles on our Facebook Group, Game Talk For Gamers, will know that he’s a seasoned veteran with a wealth of tactical knowledge!
His opponent today is Emily, a newcomer to the 40K world who’s enjoying her first official game with her Ork Army. Of course, like any good 40K Commander, she’s made an important tactical decision right out of the gate: bringing in reinforcements!
But rather than a new mini or an extra squad, she’s unleashed something far more deadly to the battlefield…
Emily has brought 4-time AdeptiCon Champion Nick Nanavati as her advisor, consulting his experience and tactical expertise to use her Orks to their full potential. Nick is regarded as one of the best 40K tacticians in the game today, so any input he has will be invaluable for the up-and-coming commander!

Richard has come fully loaded with 35 Noise Marines, led by a Demon Prince who’s been thoroughly juiced up with an Intoxicating Elixir. He’s also taken the Unholy Vigor Warlord Trait and is backed up by a sorcerer, so he’s definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to securing command points.

Noise Marine In Training

To fight off this bundle of bombastic marines, Emily has come armed to the gills with a variety of different Orks. She’s brought 2 squads of Stormboyz, 30 regular boyz, 30 gretchen, one Runtherd a Warboss on a Warbike, a Dakka Jet, and a few more surprises. While Orks aren’t typically known for their varied battle tactics (as fans of our own Kevin O’Connor will remember his steamrolling battle plans), the additions of the Dakka Jet and the Warboss are promising a unique battle!
‘Ello ev’ryone, dis iz yer kaptain speak’n. We’ll be krash’n into ‘da noisy Boyz ‘n about 10 seconds. Make sure yer tray tables are torn off so ‘dat yer kan use im for bash’n im Marines ‘n ‘da head.

Richard takes the first turn, advancing his forces in attempt to secure the command points before the Orks’ superior numbers begin to take a toll, while also leaving his heavier weapons in the rear for long-range fire support.

With the point secured, his Noise Marine’s Blastmasters begin sending walls of sonic death into the Ork forces, with the low toughness of the Gretchen meaning that many of them are quickly exterminated.
However, Emily quickly counterattacks on her turn, moving her Dakka Jet into an attack position while using Richard’s advice to identify the perfect spot to move her warboys to for better cover. From there, a barrage of fire from the Dakka Jet lights up the Noise Marines, resulting in many of them playing their last note!

As the first round comes to an end, Richard is controlling two of the three command points, but Emily’s forces are closing in fast. Will her diverse group of units and Nick’s strategic advising prove too much for the Emperor’s Children, or will Richard draw upon his tactical expertise to send that Jet crashing into the swamp?
Watch it below to find out!

And if you’d like to match wits with top-tier players and enthusiasts at the next Experience, click here to reserve your seat for December 10th-16th!

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