Day: November 7, 2021

The Coventry GT Warhammer 40k: 5 Round Major

This was a secondary event at the Coventry GT Warhammer 40k. Pro: it was a 2 day event. Con: there were multiple undefeated. That being said all 3 of the winning lists were clearly mean lists as 85 other players lost along the way. Another Perk is that none
orks take first at coventry GT

The Coventry GT Warhammer 40k: 3-day Super-Major

The Coventry GT Warhammer 40k Super Major had two events. This one was a 3 day event with 8 games and only one undefeated Player. Mani Cheema slapped down Malik Amin Rubio Game 7 but that didn’t dishearten Malik Amin Rubio too much as he pulled out a second

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