What We Know About Psychic Awakening: Faith and Fury


The Aeldari have had their time to shine but now it’s the time for the Imperium and the Forces of Chaos. The next book in the Psychic Awakening series will soon be upon us. So let’s take a look at what to expect from Faith and Fury.

What’s In the Book?

For a look in the book we first off got a look at the table of contents showing who all is getting buffed and what we can look forward to:

So much Purging and Heresy!

First off there looks to be only 2 narrative missions this time around. But for all those Marine players out there, there is even more goodies for every chapter. Of course also there is the Codex Supplement for the Black Templars which will have quite a few updated datasheets.

Then there are the Heretic Astartes who get new Codex Supplement-esqe rules for every one of their legions. Although it doesn’t look like there are new datasheets for any of these legions. But still extra stratagems and relics to add fluff is good stuff.

Space Marine Upgrades

For every Space Marine chapter Faith and Fury carries with it upgrades for almost every specialty character unit. This is done by promoting them with a command point to Master of the Chapter:

2 Chaplains for the price of one.

Like this Chaplain here who when made into Master on Sanctity can use 2 litanies. That’s a really great buff for only 1 CP. Since there is the ability to buff Techmarines, Librarians, Apothecaries, Ancients, and Champions; there is a Master of the Chapter for almost every list. But that’s not all that Masters of the Chapter can do:

Librarians just keep getting better recently.

The High Scholar of Librarius Warlord Trait allows your Master Librarian to have the best powers tailored to the situation. This makes Librarians even more flexible then they are with the new supplements. But of course there also are special relics for these Masters:

Iron Father Ferrios isn’t the only buff Techmarine in town anymore.

The Endurant Protector can make your humble Techmarine into a harder to root unit. With the ability to withstand much heavier firepower and remain standing.

Chaos Space Marine Upgrades

The Warp is not a force to be taken lightly, and the new Daemon Weapon Relics for Chaos Space Marines exemplify that. They are very powerful weapons but using them can come at great cost:

Khorne Bezerkers are about to get a very strong big brother.

Zaal, The Wrathful is a good example, with the ability to have a Daemon Prince having Strength 13 attacks at AP -5 with 2 Damage, this weapon is not one to scoff at. But what happens if you happen to roll a 1 on the initial 2+:

Probably not the best choice if your dice like rolling ones…

The amount of power shown within the Daemon Weapons make the possibility of a mortal wound fair. Not only from a rules perspective, but also fluff wise it shows the peril less nature of the warp.

Black Templars Supplement

Faith and Fury acts as the Codex Supplement for Black Templars and so far it does not disappoint.

Black Templars take purging up close and personal very serious.

There is Knights of Sigismund which makes Black Templars brutal against high toughness non-vehicle models. Those Daemon Princes better steer clear if Black Templars are heading for him. And this is the tip of the iceberg as next up we have a Warlord Trait:

Suffer not the Psyker to live.

Epitome of Piety gives the Black Templars more ammunition for their dislike of Psykers. Giving them quite the healthy chance to deny psychic powers. Due to this dislike the Black Templars also have their own set of litanies as opposed to a psychic discipline.

Just in case Shock Assault was too tame for you…

Fires of Devotion gives Black Templars even more attacks. With 2 extra attacks gained on the charge giving a basic Tactical Marine 3 attacks. Plus this is extra scary when all those attacks in the Assault Doctrine on 6s auto hit and wound. But if you’re worried about getting those forces to the battlefield, check this out:

Fellow Crusaders always have each others’ backs.

Shock and Awe works great if you’ve got some Land Raider Crusaders laying around. On top of all the bolter fire that the enemy will have to withstand, if anything survives it cannot even defend itself against the coming infantry. But there must be a weapon worthy of the leader of these forces right?

Power Sword on the outside, Thunder Hammer on the inside.

The Sword of Judgement on the surface may look like a buffed power sword, but with a flat 3 damage this thing is looking to take on the Thunder Hammer, all with no -1 to hit.

In Conclusion

Faith and Fury as the second book in Psychic Awakening doesn’t seem to be slouching in all that it delivers. If anything it seems like we’re just getting started. Of course we here at Nights can’t wait to see it at the game table.

As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.

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