Battle Report: Ultramarines vs. T'au featuring Miniwargaming!


It’s a channel vs. channel showdown this week at Nights At The Game Table! Our esteemed leader, Adam Lyons, is bringing his Ultramarines to take on Quirk from Miniwargaming and his army of T’au!

We’ll be settling the answer to the age-old 40K question once and for all: For the Emperor, or for the Greater Good? Whatever the answer, you can bet this will be one hell of a gunfight as these two channels collide!

Even if he loses…Adam’s got a backup plan.

Adam: Ultramarines

Although he’s well-known for playing a number of different armies, today Adam his bringing his venerable “traveling army”: a reliable band of Astartes from the Ultramarines Chapter. This blue battalion is coming equipped with 3 squads of Hellblasters, providing a variety of tactical options under the guidance of an experienced Captain armed with a Thunder Hammer.

If that’s not enough, Adam is also backing up his forces with the immense firepower of 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts. Each dreadnought has enough weaponry to take out a small army on its own, so the pair of them together could spell trouble for even the most well-equipped T’au!


Quirk is bringing the long-requested T’au back to NATGT, and his army is certain not to disappoint anyone who loves giant robots and big guns!

Quirk’s got a Coldstar Commander to provide high-speed intercepts and firepower, along with two massive Riptides! The Riptides are armed with both Ion Cannons and Burst Cannons, and these huge walkers are threatening to demolish anything in their path!

When combined with the support of a Cadre Fireblade and a Strike Squad of the T’au’s most elite gunmen, the best ranged experts in the galaxy are shooting for the win!


The Game

Adam kicks off the first turn, positioning his hellblasters and captain on top of the field’s largest spire to rain fire down on the T’au forces. Meanwhile, his Redemptors take the low road, marching forward and attempting to stop the T’au in their tracks!

However, it isn’t long before Adam’s shooting phase runs into some trouble. The extreme height of the board means that the hellblasters are not in rapid fire range, and the Savior Protocol of the T’au means that Quirk’s drones can absorb the shots meant for his larger units. These drones are able to ward off attacks from the Hellblasters, although some shots from Adam’s Onslaught cannon do manage to damage the Riptide. Unfortunately, the Hellblasters lethally overcharge their shots, turning two of their members into molten slag.

For Quirk’s turn, he immediately prioritizes taking out the Dreadnoughts as fast as possible. His Coldstar moves to intercept, backed by a flurry of drones to improve his hit chances with Marker Light. As the Coldstar takes aim, Quirk distracts the Dreadnoughts with shots from the Fireblade and Strike Squad.

Although this fails to do any damage, a follow-up burst of fusion fire from the Coldstar severely damages a Dreadnought. With the mighty mech reeling from this heavy shot, Quirk follows up with an overcharged Nova Charger blast from his Riptide! This incredible one-two punch slams into the first Dreadnought, blowing it to pieces in a massive explosion!

As the first turn comes to an end, things aren’t looking good for Adam. With one Dreadnought gone and the Drones blocking his path, his Ultramarines will have their work cut out for them trading shots with the best gunfighters in the galaxy! But, anyone who knows Adam can expect him to have some hidden tricks, and Quirk will have to constantly keep his guard up to make sure the second Dreadnought doesn’t take any brutal revenge!
To see which of these vicious armies will be left standing, watch the episode below!

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