World Eaters Tactics: Advanced Play


Our Advancing Play articles take one of our original lists — in this case, the World Eaters Beginner’s Guide list — and brings it up to 2,000 points. Small changes are made but we endeavor to keep most of the models and weapon options from the original lists. We typically skip Forgeworld units and focus on units available at Games Workshop. A World Eaters army — covered in the first section of this article — isn’t known for its shooting and doesn’t have psychic powers. In the second section of this article, Don’t Scorn Khorne, will be a full Khorne Army with World Eater allies.  A more in-depth review of individual relics and warlord traits from Faith and Fury for World Eaters tactics can be found here.

World Eater Tactics

Pure World Eaters Tactics

While a 10 Man Terminator unit can punch a Titan to death, Veterans of the Long War exclude the need to use Powerfist or Chain Fist against most units. Unfortunately, not enough Chain Axes come in the Terminator box set or the Berzerker box and this will have to be worked around. So, from our previous list, hand and arm swaps will be used.

Disco Lords can be targeted, which is great as it’s that much less firepower going at your Rhinos. The Soulforge Pack warlord trait or Field commander with warlord trait will give a +2 to advance. Combined with the Infernal Engines stratagem, it will allow your Disco Lord to advance and charge. The other stratagem from the specialist detachment would allow the Lord Discordant to double their remaining wounds that phase.

The reason for the Sword over the second talon on the Daemon Prince comes down to the World Eaters gaining the extra attack. Horde Clearing shouldn’t be an issue with Berzerkers in the list. A World Eater Daemon Prince has 7 attacks with the sword and 1 with the Talon, versus 10 attacks with the double Talon. Max damage would slightly favor the mixed weapons but the reason to take the sword is because of Paladins. They cannot reduce the damage taken in melee, so every sword wound that gets through is a dead Paladin. Getting him there will be difficult.

World Eaters Battalion 1210

  • Chaos Lord w/ Jump pack Chainsword & Thunder hammer
  • Dark Apostle 
  • Exalted Champion Power sword & Chainsword 
  • 3x Berzerkers x9 2/ Icon of wrath, Chain Axes & Chainswords, Fist on the Champion 
  • Terminators x10 w/ Chain axes and Combi-bolters
  • 3x Rhino 

World Eaters Battalion 450

  • 2x Daemon Prince w/ wings & sword
  • 3x Cultist x10

World Eaters Battalion Soul Forged Pack 340

  • Lord Discordant Field Commander
  • Master of Executions 
  • 3x Cultist x10
World Eaters Tactics

Don’t Scorn Khorne World Eater Tactics

Don’t Scorn Khorne refers to taking Mark of Khorne units in order to have a themed army that will not be pure World Eaters. Red Corsairs can advance and charge, as well as gain bonus command points. The Disco Lords are units that can’t be ignored. They aren’t overly expensive and with advance and charge they are fast enough to be a threat on the first turn. The Soulforge Pack would allow for one to advance in charge if you wanted to remain Pure World Eaters.

We will break from Nights tradition by adding in Forgeworld units to help overcome the World Eaters’ limitations. For example, they could charge Flyers as they themselves have the fly keyword. They are slightly less survivable than the Rhino and nearly twice as expensive. However, you can place them in reserve with a squad of Berzerkers. Furthermore, they can heal themselves. 

First, we have our Distraction Carnifex and command point battery…

Red Corsairs Soul Forge Pack Battalion 645

  • 3x Lord Discordant w/ Mark Of Khorne 
  • 3x Chaos Space Marines x5 w/ Mark Of Khorne 

World Eaters Battalion 845

  • Chaos Lord w/ Jump pack Chainsword & Thunder hammer
  • Exalted Champion w/ Chain Axe & Power Fist
  • 3x Berzerkers x8 2/ Icon of wrath, Chain Axes & Chainswords, 
  • Terminators x8 w/ Chain axes and Combi-bolters

World Eaters Outrider 510 

  • Daemon Prince w/ Mark Of Khorne, wings & sword
  • 3x Dreadclaw w/ Mark of Khorne 

Psykers eww…

Scorn Khorne a little bit. He doesn’t care where the skulls come from, you may as well give him a reason to take yours. Friendly psychic powers will work on your units. So advance and charge combined with Warptime can almost guarantee first turn charge. I know, wrong kind of Heresy. You could do this with a third detachment, such as an auxiliary support detachment of Ahriman. You could also do that with the previous list by folding the outrider back into the World Eaters battalion. Then drop the Daemon Prince or the Chaos Lord. Playing a Pure Army is playing on hard mode but it is a rewarding experience. So 100% feel free to ignore that last part about psykers.

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Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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