Top 5 Changes to the 9th Edition.

Changes to 9th Edition

It’s a New Edition with new changes. Even with Datasheets going unchanged in the near future there are big changes ahead for you and your army. Here are our Top 5 Changes to 9th Edition.

5: Map Size Changes to 9th Edition

Map sizes are smaller. Get ready to get stuck in. The Minimum recommended for matched play for a 2000 point army is down to 44” by 60”. That means your opponent can only hide so far back away from you and your army. Sure the starting distance between the armies hasn’t changed. However, Shorter distance apart means those short-range weapons may just get there. A basilisk can now hit targets 4 tables over instead of 3⅓.

Changes to 9th Edition

4: Terrain Changes to 9th Edition

Terrain rules have expanded beyond just cover and line of sight blocking. Sector Mechanicus terrain now does more than look pretty and gives a nice height advantage for models standing on top. There are now 4 terrain types that we previewed in our 9th Terrain rules review and some of those terrain types now come with specific traits that will directly affect how the battle can be played. Heavy Cover for Melee, Defensible for better overwatch, and Obscuring to completely hide units are some examples of terrain traits.

3: New Models

New Models are always a plus for any new edition. The Lokhust Heavy Destroyer would please Fernando Botero as a thicc model. Murder (Bot)ero joins the other new Necrons models as well as a newly revamped range of models. We took a closer look at Space Marines in 9th Edition. Salamander players can rejoice as they finally have Primaris models with melta weaponry. New Models can also mean new Datasheets like the beefy 4 wound Primaris Outriders. While not specifically a change to 9th edition the Archaeopter has design aesthetics that hints of the talent at Games Workshop and what can be applied to new models going forward. The Archaeopter and other Aircraft can now fly back on and off the board.

2: Shooting

So many great changes. Such as Big Guns Never Tire for vehicles and monsters to shoot into the melee. Well, not for those blast weapons. Blast weapons another change to shooting, where the random number of shots have a minimum of 3 or outright max number of shots. The penalty for Heavy Weapons only applies to infantry now. Guard players can rejoice as the max modifier in match play caps at a +/-1. Go ahead and move that heavy weapons squad of lascannons and shoot at an Alaitoc Crimson Hunter. Previously an impossible shot. Moving will be important with the aforementioned Obscuring terrain.

1: Close Combat

Hear the Warcries of that sweet melee melody. Compiling all the changes for the new edition, you know what is best in life. “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women!” The Changes to the 9th edition that directly affect Close Combat. Changes to Shooting, Map sizes, New Models, Terrain, Reserves, and Shooting. (A change big enough to mention twice.)

9th Space Marines
“What is best in life?”

For Example What If your opponent gets into your deployment zone? Skip the overwatch and arrive from Strategic Reserves within 1” engagement range and smack them right back. Blast weapons may deter horde units. However, with reduced overwatch opportunities its more likely that units that do make a charge will actually get in. Greater access to reserves, Command points, and terrain use all help Close Combat armies.

These 5 changes have us excited for the 9th Edition.  Other changes lurk around the corner including a new narrative play style Crusade.

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