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Chaos Knights New Abilities: Doom, Darkness and Despair 9th Edition Codex

The Chaos Knights release is upcoming and Games Workshop has been slowly trickling out more and more information on how these behemoths will be stomping onto the battlefield. Some of the features that have already been announced include conjuring a Warp Storm and using the Favour of the Dark

Space Marine Tactics 40k 9th Edition

This is our complete breakdown of Space Marine Tactics for Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. Use this breakdown to create synergy and strong combos with your Space Marines army. If you’re a beginner we recommend you check out out our Beginner’s Guide for Space Marines by clicking here. Note: Not

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Deathwatch Tactics: Deathwatch Codex

This is a full breakdown for Warhammer 40K 9th Edition Deathwatch Tactics using the Codex Supplement: Deathwatch.  Now fully compatible with Codex: Space Marines, this supplement will assist you in fielding all of the unique Deathwatch units along with their special rules and abilities. One of the biggest changes

The Best Faction for the Terminator Chaplain in Warhammer 40K

In this article we are going to look at what Space Marine faction will best suit the new Terminator Chaplain in Warhammer 40K model, due for release on the 31st October. This fantastic new figure is being released in celebration of Warhammer day. It will be available across the

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