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iron halo con

The Iron Halo Con Warhammer 40k Winning Lists

The Iron Halo Con was a well attended major event this weekend. 102 players brought their A game to Iron Halo to close out the Lord Marshall Conference. Nearly 10% of the Iron Halo field was Grey Knights and after 6 rounds they would take top spot. But as

Da summer waaagh 2

Da Summer Waaagh 2 took place this weekend in Horwich, England. This tournament brought the Waaagh back this summer! Orks piloted by Mani Cheema managed a third place as his round 3 opponent proved Mars makes a better Red and slowed his Speed Waaagh down. Da Summer Waaagh 2
Showdown at Frogtown Winning List

Showdown at Frogtown Winning Lists! [August 2021]

Quite a few people hopped on over to the Showdown at Frogtown in Toledo, Ohio for some competitive Warhammer 40K tournament action as it made ITC Major status. Round 3 of the Admech Nerfs hit Friday meaning they were most likely not in effect for this weekend GT. However,

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