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Blood of the Phoenix: Shining Spears Craftworlds Vs. Icubi Drukhari- Nights At The Game Table

This weeks battle report is a little different from our usual ones. Today we have a special Narrative game between Adam and Eve! Its Adam’s Drukari vs Eve’s Craftworld Eldar. Both armies are looking to bring a lot of shooting and maneuverability to the table with some solid melee

Nights Masters: Archon Drukhari Vs. Warboss Orks Warhammer 40K Battle Report- Nights At The Game Table

Nick’s List Nick is running the dreaded Eldar flyer list. This list relies on a lot of firepower and a shocking amount of evasiveness. At glance the fliers may look flimsy, but after the to hit modifiers start to pile up, they can be almost impossible to kill. The

Mind Games: Game Prep for an Archon

In previous articles we’ve touched on the four kinds of gamers as well as the value of passive thinking. This week’s article is fourth and final in a series of four, in which we have combined these two concepts to play to our strengths and embrace our preferred playstyle.

Battle Report: The Grot Horde vs. The Dark Eldar!

The Grot Horde has returned once again! Fans of NATGT will likely have seen Kevin’s rampage across the channel in the past few weeks. His battalion of over 150 grotz has steamrolled just about everything in their way! But, Brooke and her Dark Eldar are determined to end Kevin’s

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