Battle Report: The Grot Horde vs. The Dark Eldar!


The Grot Horde has returned once again!
Fans of NATGT will likely have seen Kevin’s rampage across the channel in the past few weeks. His battalion of over 150 grotz has steamrolled just about everything in their way!

But, Brooke and her Dark Eldar are determined to end Kevin’s reign of madness once and for all! In this week’s savage Prize match, we’ll see exactly how the grot horde faces off against a smaller, faster-moving adversary than the Death Watch and Blood Angels they’ve faced before!

For today’s battle, Kevin is bringing his familiar band of 150 grotz. As always, this rampaging gang of gnomes from hell are backed up by a Squad of Custom Mega Cannons, as well as a Warboss, Painboy, and Runtherd who are using the trademark Ork civility to keep them in line. (Basically, tearing their heads off if they try to run.)

In contrast, Brooke’s main fighting force consists of three units of 20 Wyches. This main infantry will be backed up by a Venom that’s packed to the gills with an Archon and three Medusas. Finally, a Cronos will be providing stat buffs for the Wyches, hopefully allowing them to face down the superior numbers of grotz!

As the game begins, it appears as though Kevin’s luck is holding out for him, as he successfully seizes initiative just as he did last week (despite Brooke rolling an impressive 7!)

Kev begins his turn by moving all of his forces straight ahead, as well as using his Weird Boy’s jump to move his Red Squad forward and grab the Prize! From there, he set his sights on ripping Brooke’s army to shreds. Although his initial cannon fire doesn’t do much against the Cronos, a withering barrage of Grot fire does tear through a half-dozen of the Wyches!
Brooke is quick to respond on her turn, however, as she pushes the Wyches forward to engage the Grotz in close combat. She also moves the Venom on top of a building, to allow for some sniping from a position of relative safety.

From there, Brooke’s army springs into action, taking down a handful of grotz from Blue Squad, while Eye Blasts from the Medusas begin targeting the Prize-holding Red Squad. Finally, several strikes from the Archon bring the Runtherd to the brink of death, which could be devastating if Kevin can no long use him to keep the grotz in line!
As the first turn comes to an end, it’s still unclear who the victor is going to be! Kevin and his Orks have the Prize, but will Brooke’s death-from-above tactics with the Venom allow her to grab it before the end of the game?
Watch below to find out!


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