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Should I Buy The New Keeper Of Secrets: Nights at the Game Table.

Hello Everone! the Dak here, back from the international accordion championship to talk about one of Games Workshops new releases. Today, we are talking about the new and improved Keeper of Secrets. thats right, we are finnaly getting an updated mini! however thats not all thats changing as the

Nights At The Game Table Battle Report Army Lists: Zarakynel Slaanesh Daemons vs. Dark Angels Deathwing (ft. Deathwing Knights!)

This week on Nights At The Game Table, we’ve got a father vs. son showdown this week as Adam and Ollie face off in another epic battle! Adam is bringing a Slaanesh daemon army filled with some of the most grotesque abominations that Chaos has to offer, and he’ll

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