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Kingslayer: Seraptek Necrons Vs. Hierophant Tyranids Warhammer APOCALYPSE Battle Report-Nights At The Game Table

Today we have a special Apocalypse batrep! We have Eve’s Necrons facing off against Ryan’s Tyranids. Both players are bringing some serious heat, and some truly fearsome models. This will be a battle of epic proportions so lets take a look at their lists. Eve’s List Eve’s list is

Warhammer 40k Apocalypse Review- Nights At The Game Table

So Apocalypse is out and its time we break it down. Nights is going to give you a review of the New Apocalypse rules. This s a brand new game and one that I am really enjoying, so lets dive in! Overview Apocalypse is the mass battle system for

How To Play Warhammer 40k Apocalypse- Nights At The Game Table

Today we are going over some of the core rules for Apocalypse. First off this is honestly a new game with a very different ruleset from 8th edition. In fact its a bit closer in some ways to the old Epic rules from around 2nd edition. This more or

What We Know About Apocalypse: Nights At The Game Table

Thats right its the End Times… Wait just kidding, I mean Apocalypse. Apocalypse (from here on in i”m calling it Apoc.) Is one of those game types that was always really cool to see, but rather time consuming to play. Regardless of the edition it, would often take an

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