Kingslayer: Seraptek Necrons Vs. Hierophant Tyranids Warhammer APOCALYPSE Battle Report-Nights At The Game Table


Today we have a special Apocalypse batrep! We have Eve’s Necrons facing off against Ryan’s Tyranids. Both players are bringing some serious heat, and some truly fearsome models. This will be a battle of epic proportions so lets take a look at their lists.

Eve’s List

Eve’s list is bringing a nice mix of units, as well as a battalion so she can have ObSec. However the real heavy hitters are in the Superheavy detachment, which has 3 superhavies! boasting some serious firepower with her tesseract, Seraptek, and Pylon there isn’t much Eve can’t bring low.

Outrider detachment:

Cryptek                                               PL 5

C’tan shard of the Deciever                   PL 10

6 Tomb Blades                                     PL 15

6 Tomb Blades                                     PL 15

9 Destroyers 2 are heavy detroyers       PL 24

Battalion Detachment:

Necron Overlord         PL  5

5 Immortals               PL 4

5 Immortals               PL 4

5 Immortals               PL 4

Superheavy Detachment:

Seraptek Construct    PL 22

Tesseract Vault         PL 22

Gauss Pylon              PL 20


Ryan’s List

Ryan’s list on the other hand is far more concentrated, and has considerably less units. Featuring mostly monstrous creatures, and not but  single unit of Genestealers. In fact most of his points are in the devastating Hierophant Bio-Titan. The Hierophant clocks in at a whopping 95 PL and is a massive threat at every range.

Spearhead Detchment:

Hive Tyrant w/ Wings                 PL 11

15 Genestealers                         PL 13

Trygon prime                             PL 11

Trygon                                      PL 10

Trygon                                      PL 10

Superheavy Auxiliary Detachment

Hierophant ( AKA Big Chungus)    PL 95


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