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harlequins winning lists

Battle to End Alzheimer’s Winning Lists Warhammer 40k

Every week there are tournaments where the best of the best Warhammer 40k players battle it out with the very best armies with the very best winning lists they can muster. Whether you’re a new player just picking up the hobby or a grizzled veteran staying on top of

Aeldari Corsairs Lore Warhammer 40K

The Aeldari Corsairs Lore in Warhammer 40k are pirates who hails from the Outcast Tribe. They are known for their harassment of merchant ships, but only rarely will you find them engaged in large scale battles and kill teams released with Imperial forces Aeldari Corsairs or Anhrathe may seem

Top 5 Aeldari Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

The 9th Edition Codex for Aeldari has been released! Today we’re covering the Top 5 Aeldari Tactics Warhammer 40k. Below you will find a ton of background information, lore, and a huge FAQ to bring you up to speed if you’re rusty on the Aeldari. And of course the

Aeldari Lore Warhammer 40k

This is your complete guide to Aeldari Lore Warhammer 40k! The Eldar, sometimes known as the Aeldari god (the title used before their race fell), are an ancient race of elf-like humanoids. The Aeldari once ruled the galaxy, but the Aeldari are now a dying race. The Aeldari lost
Craftworld Eldar Tactics

Craftworld Eldar Tactics: Beginner's Guide

Today’s, article is all about Craftworld Eldar Tactics. So, If you’re interested in starting a Craftworld army you will learn everything you need to know below. We will talk a little bit about who they are, their play style, and end with a solid 1,000 pt army list with

Blood of the Phoenix: Shining Spears Craftworlds Vs. Icubi Drukhari- Nights At The Game Table

This weeks battle report is a little different from our usual ones. Today we have a special Narrative game between Adam and Eve! Its Adam’s Drukari vs Eve’s Craftworld Eldar. Both armies are looking to bring a lot of shooting and maneuverability to the table with some solid melee

Battle Report: Craftworlds vs. Astra Militarum ( feat. Wraithguard and the Marauder Destroyer)- Nights at the Game Table

For this weeks battle report we have David’s Astra Militarum facing off against Kevin’s Aeldari. Both players are bringing some considerable firepower to the table! On Kevins side is a squad of wraithguard with wraith cannons. Weapons that can rip nearly any vehicle apart by bending the very fabric

Best Warhammer 40K Lists- Aeldari: Nights At The Game Table

    Welcome to Top Warhammer 40K Lists, where we take a look at three lists for a given faction and break down what makes them tick and how they fared. Every entry will be pulled from a recent GT, and we’ll be going over everything from who played the army

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