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The Aeldari Corsairs Lore in Warhammer 40k are pirates who hails from the Outcast Tribe. They are known for their harassment of merchant ships, but only rarely will you find them engaged in large scale battles and kill teams released with Imperial forces

Aeldari Corsairs or Anhrathe may seem like one thing on first glance; however upon closer inspection there seems to be more than meets.

Aeldari Corsairs Warhammer 40k
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Modes of Operation

The Corsair fleet is a nomadic group of pirate fleets who roam the stars in search for new enemy operatives.

These Spaceframes are always on their toes, lurking just beyond reach or hiding behind an obstacle like nebulas and asteroid fields where they can watch patiently until prey becomes stranded within engagement range before the trigger ability of swooping down with incredible speed.

Usually returning quickly enough that no one has time prepare any defense against them!

The Corsair Prince is a high-endurance warship that can withstand almost any combat situation.

They are equipped with heavy maneuvering systems and powerful shields, which make them effective at protecting transports or stranded freighters from pirates while they deliver their cargo where it needs to go without interference

The primary weapon on these ships shoots down other kill teams efficiently; its secondary batteries provide long range defense against attacking vessels intent on plundering innocent lives under lawlessness.


Nightwing’s are the elite fighters of Eldar fleets, with incredible speed and maneuverability that no forthcoming kill team or other aircraft can match.

They also have significant weapons to counter any enemy attack while being heavily protected by an energy field which keeps them safe from harm and uncover enemy operatives who’ve tried to sneak up on them.

In most situations when operating outside normal parameters such as entering matter planets’ atmosphere where they shine brilliantly against dark backgrounds due their advanced tech capabilities.

Phoenix Bombers

The Eldar’s Phoenix is a ground attack fighter with incredible power. It has many characteristics similar to its smaller cousin, the Nightwing.

however it trades off some speed and maneuverability for more carrying capacity which makes this bird great at wreaking havoc on any forthcoming kill team while being able stand up against most other kill teams without much difficulty due in part by heavy weapons load outs such as large number of Cannons or deadly Myrmex Launchers equipped onto their wingspan!

Eldar Corsairs are awesome! - Warhammer 40k
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Outcasts and Pirates

When the rigorous restrictions of the dark Eldar Craftworld become too much to handle, they leave their home and become known as Outcasts.

Without protection from The Way or any other similar place that shelters them during this time period when exposed without fingertips on reality itself; outcastes must endure a hard burden knowing how different things work in comparison with what is normal for most humans.

Who have no control over where fate will take them next due both internal confliction within oneself (between desires) and external factors.

The Corsair lifestyle is one of exploration and adventure. These exiles from Craftworlds live by their own rules, exploring all that life has to offer in the galaxy while still maintaining an edge like no other race can match them for savagery when necessary.

The majority are young daredevils who will eventually return home older but just as battle-savvy because there’s something about experiencing everything on this planet worth fighting tooth wakes up too many scars.

Those who embrace the life of a raider will descend even deeper, becoming increasingly murderous and deranged.

They indulge their darkest instincts in search for Dark City’s famed darkness.

The Corsairs are a race of sea monsters that live in the faraway land. They’re known for hiring humans as assistance, but only if those applicants have money or can afford to pay an excessive fee! The corsair’s prowess on land isn’t any less boastful either.

They’ve been witnesses at many battles where their armor was drenched with blood from former companions who betrayed them just moments before death came knocking at doors again and again until eventually being cut down by the forthcoming kill team with steel driven straight through spine near neck joint.

The Corsair prefers a quick, surprise attack over heavy armor and artillery.

They use nimble spacecraft like Jetbikes or Venoms for atmospheric operations in addition to their own ships while relying heavily on various ground vehicles such as Warthog fighter jets with remote controlled missiles attached.

They can be launched from any type of aircrafts but are especially effective when employed by Corsairs during assault missions because they’re able operate at low levels without being detectably Heightened just before reaching your target’s defenses!


Corsair Princes are the leaders of a Corsair Fleet. They serve as advisors, captains and crew commands for all those under them in rank – from simple rouge Void Dreamers right up to powerful alien Aeldari psychic beings like themselves!

The Corsair Princes and Barons lead a group of coteries, each with their own style. Some are led by Void Dreamers while others have the duties laid upon them via CFL passports or even Royal appointment! There’s something for everyone here- whether you’re looking to be part o fthe elite Reaver Bandor Cloud dancer company ,customized just right according your needs in combat.

The coterie can be backed up by elite units like heavy infantry, support and swift assault.

Corsair Skyreaver

Corsair Skyreavers are members of a Corsair band that attacks Vampire Raiders on the battlefield as a strike force. They are headed by a Corsair Prince or a Corsair Felarch, and they may be accompanied by Eldar Rangers squads or support batteries.

Corsair Ghostwalker

Corsair Ghostwalkers are unlike other Corsairs, who mask their fear of She Who Thirsts beneath a facade of reckless abandon. These doleful warriors often carry the fearsome Eldar longrilfe into battle and prefer attacking at range when others would rather fight in close quarters combat; they flit from perch to position without being seen until it’s too late for those younger races’ bulky formations.

Cloud Dancer Corsair

Corsair Cloud Dancers are Corsair band members who ride Elly Jetbikes.. These fast, agile bicycles were originally brought into exile from the Craftworlds and have undergone many modifications over time as they’re passed between owners ever since then; these include adding more armor for protection against attacks like those endured by their riders when on foot or even just using them to chase after enemies faster than any other type could manage without this extra layer (and yet still remain nimble enough so it won’t slow you down).

Corsair Felarch

The Felarch is an experienced Corsair who has seen many battles. He leads groups of less seasoned warriors with the advanced weapons such as Fusion Pisols and Poweraxes in order to protect their tribe from enemies both foreign or domestic alike.

Visiting Commorragh
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Other Aeldari Relationships

Corsair bands are more active than their Craftworld counterparts, who largely focus on self-defense. Whereas Corsair fleets actively seek out raiding opportunities in exchange for safe refuge and military assistance from other races such as Exodites or Asuryanists’ war doctrine has sometimes gone against them when they ally with opposite sides even though both groups share some common goals namely survival but there is no guarantee that this will always happen especially if one side feels traitors among itself which can lead to all sort of trouble

Corsair Bands might become aligned either under an existing power like Iyanden’s Raiders – Blackguard Commanders.

Eldritch Raiders

The Eldritch Raiders are a Corsair fleet commands by Prince Yriel. Though they have officially left Iyanden to raid Imperial shipping, the group continues defending Craftworld in times where its necessities call for it most urgently. Over eleven thousand Human ships were lost at their hands too without fail- not just from human enemies but also nonhuman ones like Orks and even Tau aliens!

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Xian’s Black Raiders

Xian’s Black Raiders were aligned with the Craftworld Ulthwé. They eventually became absorbed into their opponents, the Eldritch Raiders.


Ulthwé is one of the greatest and most populous Eldar craftworlds left after their Fall.


The Exodites are a scattered group of Eldar who escaped from their doomed worlds before the Fall. They settled other planets in order to escape this civilization’s developing depravity, but now find themselves on alien soil with no way back home.

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