Psychic Awakening: Harlequins Update


What’s next for the Harlequins Update?

The Psychic Awakening is still seeing a lot of updates for pretty much every faction of Warhammer 40k. What’s next for the Harlequins? They — as the Deathwatch last month — will be receiving an update in the June White Dwarf. Let’s have a little look at what we know so far about our favorite space jesters (not space clowns… I hate clowns!)


They will get a bunch of new stratagems, artefacts, and tools in these updated rules. This will bring them up to speed with their cousins and the rest of 40K. You can be sure that these will help you get the most out of your army like the Death Watch. Kind of like their enemies but the way these two get the same kind of update treatment is sort of poetic don’t you think? Almost like the laughing god is having a laugh at us…


First, I have to say that I’m a big fan of Harlequins. Particularly because of their lore and how I can be annoying with them on the tabletop like they are in the novels. A good game versus Harlequins should leave you amusedly frustrated. These new stratagems bring you all that and more.

Virtuosos of the webway

1 Command Point and you disappear in your movement phase to reappear somewhere else on the table 9’’ away from enemy. Are you in a tough spot? The World Eater forces have put you in the corner. Karanak is smelling the blood of his prey in the air and it might be you? Make him run all the way to the other side of the table just to catch up to you again! This is my kind of stuff.

Murderous Entrance

As an ex-stage performer in my other life, I can appreciate a great stage exit. But it’s important to remember, your entrance is the most important thing of all. This stratagem lets you give +1 damage to a unit that charged in that phase for 2 Command Points. THAT is an entrance worth remembering for the jester or the victim! Of course, your basic troops will gett the most out of these stratagems, but I can see the bikes getting some love with that too.


The black library is full of surprises and it only makes sense that its guardians get the most out of it, am I right?

Cegorach’s Lament

My favorite character is “Death Jester.” Let’s face it, dark humor in the face of perilous odds or in the face of gruesome killings? That’s my guy! This artefact is a shrieker cannon so… perfect for him right?!

Supposedly it contains the endless echo of the “Laughing God’s Howl” from when Slaanesh was born. Now that’s a sound to make bolters weep for sure! Wail version: Assault 1, Strength 6, AP-3, Damage 3 at 36’’ or Shuriken version: Assault 3 at 36’’, Strength 6, AP-3 but damage 1. The special ability is the kicker here. Each time you kill a model using this beautiful beast with the Wail version, that unit gets D3 mortal wounds and -2 leadership.  

New rules for Harlequins

On top of all of this, the Harlequins are getting some new rules. Firstly, the Troop Master gets to replace their rule with the Darkness bite, new ability for more customization. Each time the Troop Master fights, one of the unit he fights against gets 2 Mortal Wounds. Pretty nasty right?!


Not to be left out, The Master of Illusions gives a great debuff to it’s enemies. Then there is The Agent of Bedlam, while an enemy unit is within 6’’ of this model they get -1 to their attack characteristic. Perfect for these nasty Primaris that comes with 2 attacks each. It’s not game-breaking but Primaris Captains, Necron Lords, Keeper of Secrets are now less able to fight, just for being close to you.

Death Jester

The Death Jester can exchange its ability for Harvester of Torment. It gives him the possibility that if he shoots at a unit with 6 or more models each, successful hits give you D3 hits instead. That is amazing if you mix it with its new artefact. Imagine your friend… crying… so sad seeing his models disappear with just 1 shot from the Shreiker Cannon. If not… maybe try to find some new friends.


The famous Blitz ability of the Solitaire can be replaced for Unnatural Acrobatics. This guy gives -1 to hit to EVERY attack coming at him. Considering he already has a good invulnerable save, this is pretty cool.


These are all coming in the next White dwarf. The June White Dwarf may take some time to get to you because of the Pandemic, but those with a subscription should get them as usual. Otherwise, you can always get it on digital. These new tools are just amazing to me and I can’t wait to see what we can do with them against the forces of chaos. Does this motivate you to start an army of Harlequins? If you already have an army of Harlequins, what do you think of these new bonuses? Let us know in the comment section what you like and dislike in all this.

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