New Terrain Rules For Competitive 40K Tournaments Announced!


Games Workshop has released a fresh set of previews for Warhammer 40K. Necrons will be receiving a new model, there are new supplemental rules for Competitive 40K, and even a new terrain piece. We’ll briefly go over what was previewed and throw in some analysis to boot. To kick us off, let’s check out the Hexmark Destroyer!

New Models

The Hexmark Destroyer is the newest addition to the Necron forces. Deathmarks have been a part of the Necrons since their 5th Edition Codex, but now we have Deathmarks that have fallen to the Destroyer Curse. The Hexmark will have the usual Destroyer rules and abilities, and he can still Deep Strike. Depending on the profile for his weapons, he might fill a crucial role in the Necron army. Currently, Necrons don’t have a great way to remove a small unit aside out of sight surgically. The Hexmark’s ability to drop in and clear out a squad for cheap will help round out the Necron’s tactical options. If he’s well priced, he should be a great support piece for any Necron player! Especially as it joins the other previewed models.

This is not for Competitive 40K

Next, Games Workshop previewed some new rulesets for both narrative and competitive play. For the narrative side of things, we have our first expansion book, Beyond The Veil. It details Crusade rules for pushing into the Pariah Nexus. Crusade is one of the best additions of 9th, and it’s great to see Games Workshop supporting it. Beyond The Veil will include options for new Relics, Warlord Traits, and more.

Terrain rules for 40K
Terrain rules for 40k Tournaments

New Competitive Play Options

The other rule-set being released is a new mission pack in Chapter Approved for competitive players. Conceptually, the idea behind this ruleset sounds incredible. The plan is for players to bring and provide the terrain for their competitive games instead of the store. Instead of having preset terrain, the mission rules will describe how to set up the terrain for both players. On paper, this sounds like a neat twist for competitive play. But, at least in the opinion of this author, this will be a logistical quagmire.

One of the biggest concerns for good competitive games is the terrain. Most high-end events will focus on having consistent terrain for their tables. Or, barring that, will allow the players some room to move and adjust the terrain. Most tournaments using these rules will probably need their players to submit terrain ahead of time for review. This completely defeats the point, as it would be simpler for the store to use their terrain. This being said, if Games Workshop has pulled this off, this looks to be an incredible addition to the game.

New Terrain

 New terrain rules for 40K

Finally, we have some new terrain kits. Some of these kits will be focused on the Pariah Nexus to supplement Beyond The Veil. Others, like the Vertigus, provide more standard terrain for use in an Imperium warzone. It features pipes and ruins along with an “auto-choral transmitter.” Vertigus will have enough terrain for a Combat Patrol game and can be combined with other sets for bigger games.

And that wraps us up for now! Games Workshop has been printing and previewing lots of new stuff for 9th Edition. There’s a lot to be excited about here, especially Beyond The Veil. Crusade is the best version of organized Narrative play that we’ve had in a long time. If Games Workshop continues to support it, Crusade will be a longstanding ruleset for players looking to run their campaigns.

For those who already know how to play the game and you’d like a free guide that teaches you how to paint professional-looking miniatures, advanced tournament tips from a 40k World Champion, how to find more time to play, and simple methods to get cheap miniatures go here:

As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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