What We Know About Psychic Awakening: Custom Aeldari Traits

For everyone who thought Space Marines were going to have all the fun with their Successor Tactics, think again. Psychic Awakening’s first book, Phoenix Rising, comes with rules similar to Successor Tactics from Space Marines. Let’s take a look…
Craftworlds Attributes
For the Aeldari Craftworlds there will be no less than 22 Craftworld Attributes to choose from. These have a wide range of applications. Like the first one here for your aspect warriors:
Children of Khaine takes the already buffed Howling Banshees up another level. Giving their power swords the ability to deal extra damage will make the new Primaris quake in their boots. But also each Aspect Shrine gets access to new powers, six for each. But with Exemplar stratagems these powers don’t have to replace your existing one. But can be taken alongside it. These powers are like the Disarming Strike shown below:
Disarming Strike can take the wind out of the newly upgrade Space Marines sails by overall creating a -1 attack when you charge. But there also are Attributes that buff shuriken weapons:
Hail of Doom gives Eldar charging units an extra advantage on whittling down their enemies before crushing them in close combat. But also with Fire and Fade this gets even more deadly. But for those using a Wraith host there are options as well:
With how deadly most wraith constructs weapons are being able to reroll 1s to wound grants a huge advantage to the deadly nature of their weapons. But there also is a new psychic discipline for Craftworlds, the Runes of Fortune:
Ghostwalk is a good addition to the already potent Eldar powers, and gives that extra edge to assaulting units as well. Craftworlds with these upgrades shall be truly deadly forces in the future.
Drukhari Kabal Obsessions
Drukhari Kabals are known for their large amount of poison weaponry. And one of the new Obsessions is built to make them even more deadly.
Toxin Crafters is scary for any infantry armies out there. Especially the aforementioned Primaris, because those gunboats with lots of poison are going to be dumping tons of damage. But there also is a good one for the more mobility inclined:
Mobile Raiders makes the already very fast Drukhari transports up to the rank of scary fast. This could well be enough to have those transports wherever they need to be every time.
Wych Cult Obsessions
Wych Cults are known for their aggressive natures. So of course their Obsessions reflect that. First up we’ve got one that will turn the tables against larger units:
Test of Skill gives Wych Cult units an extra edge against big models that may have normally been out of reach. But now are right in their wheelhouse. But as if being deadly wasn’t enough this next Obsession can increase their durability:
Acrobatic Display can make units that don’t have invulnerable saves always get a save. But also it can make those beefy characters extra tough, without having to take a special relic.
Haemonculus Coven Obsessions
Haemonculus covens get in on the fun too, with Obsessions as twisted as their bodies. The first of which emphasizes the most brutal charge:
Dark Harvest should put fear of your units into the enemy. Charging in dealing extra mortal wounds is always key to securing maximum damage. But also if you’re versing higher toughness enemies with lots of poison this next one is for you:
Being able to add one strength is crazy scary across the board. But then wounding on 3s with poison weapons is absolutely terrifying. No matter which Drukhari faction you use there is lots of good stuff here.
In Conclusion
There’s lots of good stuff in Phoenix Rising to watch out for. Whether you’re a Craftworlds, Drukhari, or a mix of both player. There is more to come and this will give some Aeldari units new life at the game table.
As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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