Combat Patrol: 9th Edition Warhammer 40K Lite


A New Edition with new ways to play.

Combat Patrol? What is it folks may ask. Combat Patrol bridges Kill Team and Warhammer 40k. It is 40k, you are using an actual Detachment of you guessed it, a Patrol. A Patrol Detachment requires a Mandatory HQ and Troop unit. There are a few optional slots to help give your Patrol team some flavor. That or to adjust for your potential opponents. Combat Patrol did not make our Top 5 changes to 9th edition as it’s not so much a change but rather a set way to play. 

Leagues and the new Crusade Play have a perfect starting point for everyone. A 500 points Combat Patrol may seem small and will play very differently than an army 4 times its points. Let alone on a board twice its size. However, the basic abilities and rules of your armies will not change. The rules themselves will not change because you are playing a smaller game. Take the opportunity to learn the nuances of a new edition while playing a small game. The New Edition has given us plenty of changes such as 9th Terrain Rules.

Combat Patrol and Vehicles

Imperial and Chaos Knights can still play Combat Patrol. Provided they can fit in under 500 points. Perhaps they meant along the lines of 3 Armiger or War Dogs to fill a Superheavy Detachment. Vehicles and flyers can be hard for some armies to take down with so few points. However, imagine the stories you can tell when your brave patrol bested a wandering Knight. My Favorite moment of 8th edition was when a Drop pod managed to kill a Chaos Knight. That Knight died to a Storm Bolter in Overwatch. Hail to Salamander re-rolls. Combat Patrol means smaller faster games that can be played on tables as small as 44” x 30”. More opportunities for heroic deeds. That Drop Pod was later recovered and given battle honors. 

Combat Patrol

Kill Team Veterans are ready Combat Patrol

Kill Teams and their expansions feature models fighting together as individuals. How Kill Team leans into Combat Patrol is with several similarities.  Consider the points you played for Kill Team. 100-125 points maybe a little more. With the Kill Team Commander Expansion, you had the opportunity to take a commander. However, for some armies, that wasn’t feasible. The Commander itself could cost 100 points thereabouts.  500 points per side are where your Combat Patrol games will play at. So that Commander in Kill Team is not so detrimental to your army as an HQ unit in Combat Patrol Patrol Detachment. Now you get to experience Warklord traits as well with your 3 Command Points. Kill Team Map sizes are 22” x 30” well now two kill team boards make one Combat Patrol table.

Patrol Detachments have those extra slots for different battlefield roles. For Kill Team Players, when they wanted to add an Elite model to their army tended to buy a whole box. Like adding one Jump Pack Vanguard Veteran for your Blood Angels Zealot. The other 4 models in the set? Well, no longer will they wallow away while one brother smites the enemies of the Emperor. Now the whole squad will take to the field in a Combat Patrol. Kill Team players will have to get used to a different rule set but it is a new edition and so will everyone else.  Kill Team Veterans are familiar with the regenerating kill points every turn. 

I'm A Troop

The Warhammer Community article gave us extra detail. Assault Intercessors are troops. Sure they are marked with the Fast Attack symbol. Incursors also wear that symbol and they are troops as well. Notice how the 5 assault intercessors fill the mandatory troop squad.

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