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BIG NEWS FROM Games Workshop

BIG NEWS From Games Workshop

Awesome big news about store reopening!!!

Adeptus Titanicus And Blood Bowl Collection In This Week’s Pre-Release

Another week has passed that means we got another round of pre-releases from Games Workshop. This time around we get another set collection for Blood Bowl and a new model for the Adeptus Titanicus. Here’s a quick rundown of the new models, new rules, and everything in between. Adeptus

This Week's Pre-Release: Blood Bowl's Naggaroth Nightmares!

This week’s newest team for pre-release is from the  Blood Bowl – a revamped fantasy football game set in an alternate timeline of the Warhammer universe. Dubbed as Naggaroth Nightmare, this week’s pre-order features a great collection of a multi-part plastic kit that contains components necessary to assemble the

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