25 Facts About Space Wolves


In this article we’re going to present you with 25 facts about Space Wolves that you may not have known! Be sure to check out our celebratory article of the new Space Marine Codex – 25 Space Marine Facts You Didn’t Know

Fact #01

The Space Wolves have no successful successor chapters to this day. The first attempt was their last attempt after their legion’s gene flaw began to surface rapidly.

Fact #02

The Space Wolves try to bring honor to themselves and their legion. Which sounds great, but it’s to such a degree that the Dark Angels have called given them the nicknames: Vainglorious and Glory Hounds

Fact #03

Russ’s most trusted officers tried to hide the Wolfen from Leman Russ when they first started to appear. This was out of fear for what Russ would do. They even disobeyed direct orders to keep the secret from him.

Fact #04 

Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves once had a duel with Lion El’Johnson, Primarch of the Dark Angels. The duel lasted a day leading to Leman Russ’s second-ever defeat. Even now whenever the two legions meet they have one representative fight each other in a dual to pay homage to their Primarchs.

Fact #05 

During the Horus Heresy, the Space Wolves were charged with capturing Magnus The Red. However, Horus, Primarch of the Sons of Horus, intercepted those orders and told them to lay siege to the planet. This assault on Magnus’ home world led to him and his legion to flee into the Eye of Terror which led to the fall of Magnus. Some even say Magnus did nothing wrong. (Goal is 16 – 15 + bonus)

Fact #06 

The apex predator of their home world is the Fenrisian wolf. The Space Wolves have even trained the Fenrisian wolves for battle.

Fact #07 

The Space wolves wear mostly standard Astartes gear. But in a more primitive manner to fit more with their viking-like heritage. They even replaced the Chaplins Rosary by the Wolves Amulet.

Fact #08

The Space Wolves have Wolf Priests. They carry the duties of both Chaplins and Apothecaries just with a different title.

Fact #09

Wolfen are so mutated that they believed to be almost incorruptible by Chaos. Which is why they can survive for extended periods of time in the warp. (Inserts futuristic “LOL” here.)

25 Facts About Space Wolves

Fact #10 

Those in venerable dreadnoughts are not safe from falling victim to their gene flaw. They become Wulfen Dreadnoughts. When this happens they are stripped of most ranged weapons and given axes and claws.

Fact #11

New Space Wolves are selected by watching civil wars rage on their home planet, Fenris. They pick the best out of the survivors to enter the trials.

Fact #12

The Space Wolves are extremely wary of psychics. Those that they allow into their ranks are called Rune Priests.

Fact #13

The Rune Priests are border-line heretical in their use of the warp. Their rituals and totems make their abilities more like sorcery than psychic abilities. They get around this heresy by claiming that their powers are connected to the soul of their home planet. The wolf souls they summon come from the warp which technically makes them daemons.

25 Facts About Space Wolves

Fact #14

Logan Grimnar is the current Chapter Master of the Space Wolves. He’s held the title for 700 years making him one of the oldest Chapter Master’s second to Dante of the Blood Angels

Fact #15

The Rune Priests cast runes to predict the flow of future events and advise higher ups in their chapter.

Fact #16

Space Wolves join the Deathwatch in pairs. The reason they join the Deathwatch is so they can fight things that their chapters may not have seen before. This grants them a great deal of boasting rights once they return.

Fact #17

The Deathwatch commanders often don’t like the new Space Wolves who join the Kill Teams. But later come to appreciate their precision and coordination in battle.

Fact #18

The 13th company chased after Magnus into the Eye of Terror. They came back as Wulfen.

Fact #19

The Stormfang gun ship looks like a long box with engines strapped to the back of it. This design resembles a wolves snout.

Fact #20

Space Wolves slowly take on more wolf-like appearances as they age. Such as large teeth, yellow eyes, and abnormal growths of hair.

Fact #21

Space Wolfe Wulfen resemble the myth of the werewolf as the blood angles blood thirst resembles the myth of the vampires.

Fact #22

The Space Wolves Primarch Leman Russ left Fenris on a quest that is believed to be given to him by the Emperor himself and most of his legion believe this led him into the Eye of Terror.

Fact #23

The Space Wolves still have one of the largest fleets of the loyalist Astartes. This remains true even after they were broken down into a chapter instead of a legion

Fact #24

Before the Horus Heresy the Space Wolves were gunmetal grey. Post-Heresy they changed to a bluish grey with yellow and red accents adorned with pelts from Fenrisian wolves and other beasts from their home planet.

25 Facts About Space Wolves

The last of 25 Facts About Space Wolves

The Space Wolves’ armory contains weapons that date back to the Great Crusade and some that even pre-date the Imperium itself.

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