Day: October 22, 2018

Ork Codex Sneak-Peek!

With the pre-release of the long-awaited Ork Codex only one week away, fans everywhere are getting revved up for the full invasion of the green-skilled Boyz and their armada of new units! In addition to unveiling some of the all-new game mechanics that will expose the dark secrets of

Guilds of Ravnica Deck List: Experimental Frenzy/Runaway Steam-Kin vs. Golgari Findbroker/The Eldest Reborn

It’s Magic Monday here at Nights At The Game Table, and as always, we’ve teamed up with the incredible staff at Pat’s Games two bring you two hard-hitting decks in the hands of some of their expert players. This week, Joel and his Mono-Red Experimental Frenzy/Runaway Steam-Kin deck will

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