Day: July 2, 2018

Why Won’t Anyone Play Weatherlight?! A Team RPTQ Tournament Report

We here at NATGT have some very exciting news for you! In conjunction with the release of our brand-new Magic: The Gathering series, we’re now going to feature a weekly series by deck expert and series commentator Aryeh Wiznitzer, whose first article can be found below! In the coming

M19 Deck Lists for our First-Ever Magic The Gathering Episode!

There’s magic in the air here at Nights At The Game Table, and we’re very excited to announce our first-ever episode of Magic The Gathering! Thanks to the lovely folks at Pat’s Games in Austin (check them out, they’re awesome), fans can look forward to a weekly series dedicated

Mind Games – The Dice Are Not The Reason You Lost

Don’t blame the dice. This is something just about every good player I’ve ever talked to or heard talk about improving the game has said at some point. It’s often the first lesson told to someone looking to up their game, and it’s one that for most of us,

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