15 Facts About Necrons


Here are 15 Facts about Necrons that may come as a shock to you! Necrons are perhaps the Best First Army, when it comes to Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. Which is great because when it comes to their lore there is so much to dive into! They were the 1st advanced civilization after all.

Fact #01

The Necrons’ ultimate goal after defeating the C’tan and enslaving them is to restore their former glory and return to their biological lifeforms.

Fact #02

The C’tan offered the Necrons immortality but failed to communicate that the price would be slavery.

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Fact #03

Necron Immortals are huge – towering over Space Marines. Which is funny because the Space Marine models are a similar size.

Fact #04  

Szarekh is known as The Silent King because he doesn’t talk directly to his subjects instead he lets the two Triarchs speak for him, as tradition.

Fact #05  

The Necrons had many silent kings. Szarekh was the last to be named Silent King before he made the deal with the C’tan exchanging flesh and blood for metal bodies… and slavery.

Fact #06  

The Silent King was unhappy that the Necrons process of mind transfer from the C’Tan stripped them of their souls. He freed them of the C’tan control by waiting until the C’tan were drained after destroying The Old Ones and then made his move.

15 Facts about Necrons

Fact #07  

There was once a time when the Necrons made an alliance with the Blood Angels to fight the Tyranids and even kept a peaceful truce to let them go when the battle was over. 

Fact #08

Due to the utter guilt of “selling his kingdom’s souls”, the Silent King exiled himself indefinitely. His final instruction was to the Necron nobles. He told them to find a way to regain their flesh bodies.

Fact #09

While the Necrons have come to be known as destroyers of life, the Silent King has actually ordered them to preserve it. Some believe this is because he wants live vessels to transfer their bodies into.

Fact #10  

Unknown to many, the Silent King officially returned to save his race from the Tyranids. But many believe there are other motives behind this.

Fact #11

The Necrons used to be slaves to the C’tan, they were forced to harvest souls for the C’tan to feed on. Now the Necrons are free they focus on their own goals!

Fact #12

Believe it or not, not all Necrons are controlled by Szarekh. In fact, each Necron dynasty is different. Some Necron lords even trade with other races.

Fact #13

The original Necron race the Necrontyr had a short lifespan due to their sun’s radiation. Despite them moving to other planets the damage to their genes was irreversible. This is why they were so eager to switch to metal bodies.

Fact #14

The Necrontyr, as the Necrons were known before the transfer to metal bodies, often fought among each other. The Silent King used their resentment of The Old Ones to unite his race in a fight against them.

Rounding up 15 Facts about Necrons

The war with The Old Ones led to The Silent King making an alliance with the C’tan out of desperation. The Necrons were losing and the promise of being immortal was too tempting…

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