Wrath And Rapture Breakdown!


Wrath and Rapture is just around the corner! Courtesy of Warhammer Community, we’ve got lots of new info on the set, including rules and a rough update for when it will come out.

For starters, Slaanesh players should be very excited, as we have some rules updates in addition to rules for the Infernal Enrapturess! The Rapturess is a hybrid summoning and anti caster support piece in 40K.

She has an ability called “Harmonic Allignment”, which has two abilities. It allows her to add 3 to her summoning rolls, practically guaranteeing a success. In addition, she lets you recover a slain model in each Slaanesh Daemon unit within 6” by rolling a D6 at the start of your turn. Each unit you roll a 6 for is a revived model from that unit.
In addition, if she’s within 24” of an enemy casting a power, she forces Perils Of The Warp on any double! Not bad, especially in an army that can turn Perils into 2D3 damage. This combination of abilities, while not top tier competitive, is quite reasonable..
However, she truly shines in Age of Sigmar. In 40K, she makes a great addition to any fluffy themed force, but in AOS she’s going to be a mainstay for most Chaos players, especially the Slaanesh ones. For starters, she provides a Depravity point for free in each of your Hero Phases, which is already a very powerful effect since she directly translates to free points of models on the table. As if that wasn’t enough, not only does she still cause D3 Mortal Wounds to a Wizard that rolls a double on a cast attempt, but she also causes those Wizards to re-roll successful attempts. Talk about a double whammy!
Fiends of Slaanesh are also getting a little love with some updates for both 40K and AOS. For starters, it sounds like they’re going up to 4 wounds, a welcome improvement. Chapter Approved is also lowering their points slightly, from 46 to 42, so 40K players should definitely consider messing around with some Fiends.

With what we know currently, Wrath and Rapture is looking to be a great boxed set for most Daemon players, and particularly someone looking to start a Daemon army. Coupled with the Khorne forces, the box creates an aggressive melee army with a strong anti psyker/wizard theme at a reasonable discount.

In addition to the models and rules, Wrath and Rapture will also contain some information on the Realms of Chaos in general, including a Demon naming guide complete with true names. Lore buffs will definitely want to check this set out.
Wrath and Rapture looks to be the latest in their long run of well rounded and fairly priced boxed games, providing a large assortment of Daemons and plenty of lore at a discount. Pre Orders should be up next week. What are you most looking forward to with Wrath and Rapture? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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