Wrapping Up A The Year With This Secret Mini!


With Christmas just around the corner, Forge World is pulling out all the stops to tease us with a brand-new mini!
Unlike their typical GW method of zooming in to obscure a new unit, here Forge World has taken the extra step of gift-wrapping it. And just like kids on Christmas Eve, all of us here at NATGT can’t help but wonder what it could be.
Clearly, the unit is holding an axe of some sort, and its ragged nature rules out some of the more “elegant” 40K races such as the Eldari.
The two little wings on the lower half of the mini may be some sort of vehicle, or they may also be mutated appendages for some creepy daemon.
Finally, the unit looks to have some unique head-wear, reminiscent of an old, pointed witches hat. This might mean some type of magic-user, but the word is still out on it.
There are a ton of different possibilities, and fans everywhere will be trying desperately to figure it out before the full announcement on Christmas Day.
What do YOU think it could be?

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