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The internet has been abuzz with all the information about the new plastic Adepta Sororitas. Each new model that has been teased just seems to make the new line look better and better. We’ve compiled all the information on the new plastic Adepta Sororitas.

Amalia Novena – Sister Superior

The first plastic Adepta Sororitas was already released on the 29th of June, Sister Superior Amalia Novena. The box came with the model itself, a print of the original artwork, and a datasheet for a Battle Sisters squad. Including of course a profile for the Sister Superior. The whole set released on Warhammer day and the detail of this one off model really pops.

Battle Sisters

No Adepta Sororitas army would be complete without a few squads of Battle Sisters. Being the standard troopers of the army, the detail on just them alone means the other releases will be something really special.

The first thing that sticks out is just how much attention is paid to every little detail. The studs covering various parts of the armor, symbols of the order, and the purity seals. The aggressive moving stance of the model is really accentuated by the pattern of the habit. It’s just a lot for a rank-and-file trooper, but there’s more…
The Battle Sister with the Storm Bolter has a targeter on her eye, and the flamer sister has a rebreather. Showing a variety of heads available. The flamer also has a gothic brazier tip, which really pops. But really the best part is the base decoration for the flamer of the melted apostate!
The Sister Superior just elevates the detail to a new level. The amount of symbols of the order every piece is adorned with, along with the stance, there is no question who the leader of the squad is. Also the bearer of the Simulacrum Imperialis shows another head option of a helmet. Also the detail on the Simulacrum itself is so great from the gothic arches, to the branded skulls, even the little doors on the two smaller side displays. Nothing was left out with the detail.


For the Adepta Sororitas the only way to take down a heavy target is to seek retribution. The Retributors are usually the ones to carry out that vision. Retributors carry either a Heavy bolter, Heavy flamer, or multi-melta. Games Workshop has shown us two of these three.

First up is the Heavy Bolter, which is awesome. Not only is the signature fleur-de-lys on the side of the weapon itself, but it is also located on the belt over each bullet in the chain. Also the helmets appear to be a semi-simple full head affair, but the overlaying “targeter” really pulls it together. 
The Heavy Flamer has similar iconography to the Heavy Bolter, but the best part is the nozzles which are like Gothic braziers, which matches up with other Adepta Sororitas models. Also the more aggressive stance of the model with the rebreather mask shows off some of the variety we’ll be getting in the kit.
The new kit also includes an Armorium Cherub, which looks like a Mr Hyde version of cupid, but he does have that much needed flamer canister for purging.

Sisters Repentia

Adepta Sororitas are known for their absolute faith to the Emperor. But there are some among their ranks that have not always been steadfast who must now repent. They are the Sisters Repentia! These Sororitas are not allowed the traditional armor and wargear. So they must charge headlong into the fray, wielding massive two-handed chainswords.

The new models really capture the idea of the flagellant Sororitas, with many of them having brands of imperial symbols their foreheads. They also all have ports all over their bodies, which are the old connections for their armor that they can no longer wear. The scrolls pinned to their clothes and weapons indicate the nature of the sins they’ve committed against the Emperor.

The Repentia Superior accompanies the Sisters Repentia to make sure that their faith remains strong. Using her neural whips on both her fellow sisters and enemies alike, the Repentia Superior is sure to keep everyone in line. The model sporting twin braziers on top of her backpack just adds to the intimidating flair.


You can’t have an army obsessed with the purity of faith without having some angels. That’s where the Seraphim come in. From their custom feather-shaped jetpack vents, to their ability to fly across the battlefield, the Seraphim truly fit the role.

The new models look to take a lot of cues from the Geminae Superia, who protect Celestine, the Living Saint. The jump packs of the Seraphim will have 4 feather vents per wing and the armor is slightly less ornate than the Geminae Superia. But, that doesn’t mean they are less interesting.
I mean this one is dual wielding pistols! Combo that with the intricacy of the armor studs and the flowing lower robes, and we’ve got a truly angelic model!

Deimos-Pattern Rhino

The Adepta Sororitas faith spreads to their vehicles, so much so that some of their vehicles are not the latest designs. Like the Mk I Deimos-pattern Rhino. These rhinos are ancient and it shows in the driving gear. But that age also allows each vehicle to be a temple to the Emperor. 

The side doors of the ancient Rhino are circular and are decorated with the fleur-de-lys of the Adepta Sororitas. 
The exhausts of the Deimos-pattern Rhino are exposed covered by little to no armor plating. The lack of armor allows the exhausts to look like tall braziers.
But even the plating of the vehicle itself is adorned with holy imagery. With shrines built into corners of the vehicle and Gothic arches outlining the images on the rear door, creating a stained glass window look.

Penitent Engine

To pilot a Penitent Engine is the highest punishment a criminal can receive. Forever bound to the machine, being pumped full of stimulants and drugs. Being a Penitent Engine pilot is a terrible experience. But as a tool to the Adepta Sororitas, the rage from the pain of the convicts turns the Penitent Engine into a terrifying weapon.

The new model does such a great job of showing how much pain the pilot is in. From the curl of his fingers and toes, to the scream from his mouth, and even the curve of his back, this guy is not having a good time. But the discardable nature of the Penitent Engine is also shown through the wood paneling on the chest area of the suit. Plus the suit overall is very stripped down, far less elegant than the Dreadnoughts of the Adeptus Astartes.


The Canoness is the commander of the Adepta Sororitas forces. Being both the martial and spiritual leader. To become a Canoness requires years of dedication and hundreds of battles to have been fought. The new model for the Canoness does a great job depicting this role:

With one hand holding the symbol of her spiritual status and the other grasping her signature weapon, the dual-role of the Canoness is clear. Her collar and headpiece together forming into a fleur-de-lys shape is great little touch. Plus like most the other new models coming out the level of detail is incredible.

Sister Hospitaller

While Adeptas Sororitas can use their faith in the Emperor to continue on, sometimes a bit more is required. That’s where the Sister Hospitaller comes in to keep her fellow sisters in the fight. But should her efforts prove ineffective, it is the duty of the Hospitaller to make sure the souls of the dying are prepared.

The new model for the Sister Hospitaller is a far cry from the last one. With the model becoming more of a diorama than just a model. The addition of the Battle Sister who is obvious fought her last with the Hospitaller over her reading the last rites is just superb. The addition to detail of the scene paints quite the picture to the point of the doves flying past. And don’t worry fans of the original the new model can also have a rebreather mask if you choose.


While the Penitent Engine may be one of the most extreme punishments for criminals it is far from the only one putting them on the battlefield. That is where Arco-flagellants come in. The criminals sentenced to this punishment have their minds wiped to make them into beserkers. Waiting for the trigger word to deactivate their pacifier helms and pump them full of stimulants for the next battle. Where they charge head first into the enemy in their way.

Oh yea, did we forget to mention that their lower arms are replaced with flails. In fact as little of the original person remains after the operation. Which is shown on the models from all the tubes liking to machines just under the skin, as well as the whole helmet/spine contraption that keeps the Arco-flagellants docile or in a fury. What is left of the convicts is truly a terrifying sight to behold.


Cherubs are a peculiar thing in the Imperium as they are not formed from modified beings. But are instead grown in vats. Their wings are actually for show, but they still have anti-grav motors to keep them aloft.

You can expect Cherubs to be included in many of the Adepta Sororitas kits. Although most are for show carrying sacred texts or keys to the Simulacrum Imperialis. However not all of them are pointless, with Armourium Cherubs in Retributer squads carrying around extra ordinance.

Sisters of Battle Army Set

There of course can’t be an entire army re-released without a new box set. Adeptas Sororitas does not disappoint either. With a pretty large percentage of the new models available within. But the box isn’t just models as it includes everything you need to use these ladies on the battlefield.

Included in the kit itself is a Canoness, 10 Battle Sisters, 5 Seraphim, 1 Repentia Superior, 4 Repentia, 3 Arco-flagellants, a Penitent Engine, an Exclusive Edition Codex: Adepta Sororitas, Datacards, 12 dice, a transfer sheet, and a Core Rules booklet. And yes the codex is a special edition of the full version, complete with a custom cover:

This unique set of Adepta Soroitas will be available sometime during mid-November. Just in time for the second wave of Psychic Awakening.

In Conclusion

Adepta Sororitas have always been one of the more rare armies to grace the tabletop in 40k. But between the availability of the plastic models and the intricate design, we’ll be seeing more sisters at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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