What We Know About Warhammer 40k Chaos Renegade Knights FAQ


A new FAQ for the Chaos Renegade Knights just dropped. Let’s take a look…


There are 3 errata changes in the FAQ. The first is to Tyrannical Court, which allows the generation of a different warlord trait for each member of the court. Diabolic Rift now inflicts perils of the warp if any doubles are rolled as opposed to just 1s and 6s. Forsaken changed to not allow any stratagems to affect the model, even Command re-roll.


For the FAQs, the first is that on a Knight Despoiler you must pay for the gauntlet and chainsword in addition to the base points cost. The Teeth that Hunger or the Gauntlet of Acension are both pointswise counted as a reaper chainsword or thunderstrike gauntlet, respectively. Also the Knight Rampager’s Frenzied Rampage ability still works even if you take one of the special options listed above.

For the “Break the Line” stratagem, the Iconoclast Household unit must have charged, not the opposing unit. When selecting a weapon for the Daemonic Power result on the Daemonic Surge Table, the ability only applies to that weapon not all instances of it.
Also a Rune of Nak’T’Graa Relic can be given to a Dreadblade that has not been given and Pacts and Damnations. Finally, units do suffer perils of the warp mortal wounds when a model is destroyed with the Tzeentchian Pyrothrone Relic. In addition to the other effects.

In Conclusion

These few changes definitely help to clear up some confusion surrounding Chaos Renegade Knights.
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