The Dak here, back from an underwater basket weaving tournament to praise the dark gods! So Vigilus ablaze is almost upon us and chaos is looking to get a ton of new rules. This new supplement will be coming with a slew of new Chaos Space Marine stuff. So, here is what we know about Vigilus ablaze as of right now.

The Story

Vigilus Ablaze is going to bring an exiting conclusion to the war on Vigilus, which has quickly turned into Cadia pt2 Chaos Boogaloo. For months now Games workshop has been leading up to this epic conflict with numerous boxed sets and the previous supplement Vigilus Defiant. The stage is finally set and we are looking see a Climactic showdown between Abbadon and Calgar. Both of these guys had been the “Big Cheese”, of their respective factions for quite a long time. I often recall seeing them duke it out on the tabletop back in the day, and so finally seeing it play out in an actual narrative is going be awesome!

The Rules

Vigilus Ablaze is going to feature a whole bunch of new specialist detachments, so far they have spoiled ones for the Black Legion, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers and one anybody can use that just screams Nightlords. What we have seen so far been targeted at units that you don’t see much play such as terminators and obliterators. With any luck there will be Specialists Detachments for every Traitor Legion, and it seems like that very well may be the case. One surprise was the inclusion of rules for the fallen! Back in 7th edition they got their own models and some rules to field them as their own army, so its nice to see them getting their own rules again.

The other component is the new Legion Traits for a bunch of the renegade chapters. Which includes more mainstream Legions like The Crimson Slaughter, and The Red Corsairs. however It will also include more obscure renegade chapters like the Purge and Flawless Host, and Yes they will be getting their own warlord traits, relic, and stratagem. This is several shades of cool, as it will effectively double Chaos Space Marine Legion Trait options.

Final Thoughts

Vigilus Ablaze is looking to be the must buy supplement for Chaos Space Marine Players. As an added bonus its looking like the book will also come with some new narrative missions that can go a long way to spice up a pickup game. As a matter of fact I don’t think Chaos Space Marines have gotten this much attention since the release of the traitor legions supplement back in 7th edition. Things are definitely looking good for the bad guys.

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