What We Know About The Lord Discordant- Nights At The Game Table


The Dak here, today I am going to talk about about the new unit the dark gods will be bestowing upon us, The Lord Discordant. Now, my first talking point will be about one of The Lord Discordant’s most obvious features, this dude looks completely awesome. The miniature is a chaos lord/ warpsmith riding a giant mechanical spidery Daemon monster! what else do your really need in life anyways? The Lord Discordant looks as if he crawled right out of a death metal album cover.

The Lord Discordant looks really cool, no doubt about that, but what about his stats and what he brings to the table? So far GW has spoiled that he comes with a unique aura, the aptly named Aura of Discord. What this does is give enemy vehicles within 6″ a -1 to hit modifier. The best part? it also gives friendly daemon engines within 6″ +1  to hit! Aura of discord effectively negates one of he biggest issues with a vast majority of daemon engines, their mediocre ballistic skill. Having Forgefiends, Defilers, or the new Venomcrawler hit on 3’s is amazing, or at the very least hit on 4’s if they moved. Even better still would be to park him next to a Lord of Skulls, to have him hitting on 2’s! Now you might be asking,”who would do such a thing?”. The answer is ME, i would do exactly that!

The other little tidbits Games Workshop teased are some of its weapons. The Lord Discordant comes with two different back mounted options, an auto cannon or a baleflamer. Both of these options seem pretty good, the riders ballistics skill will likely make the Auto cannon a cheap and enticing option, whereas the baleflamer is always a recipe for a good time. so that will wrap up what we know for sure about The Lord Discordant, but that isn’t the end of my little rant because now its on to the speculative stuff.

Games Workshop has mentioned that The Lord Discordant comes with a chain glaive, which has not had rules in 40k since about 5th edition. Which means we would need to take an educated guess on how they work. Your average Chain Axe is +1 strength,  -1 Ap  and 1 damage, so we can probable guess that this bad boy is going to be roughly double that. With strength +2 , -2 ap and either a flat 2 damage or possibly 1d3 damage. Then there is the mount to consider, also known as the Helstalker. Looking at the structural and design charecteristics of the  Helstalker yu can see a lot of similarities between it and the new Venomcrawler. So id expect it to throw at least 4 strength 8 attacks with -3 ap and damage 3 , plus maybe another 2 at strength 6 ap -2 and Damage 2. All of this on top of The Lord Discordant’s estimated 4-5 attacks he would make  with his chainglaive . Now lets not forget about the stabby mouth option and the what a appears to be a flamer mouth option.

The Stabby mouth will likely give you the option for an extra attack or two with poison, possibly wounding non vehicles on a 2 or 3. The flamer mouth is most likely a heavy flamer, ’nuff said.
Last, but certainly not least, is the number of wounds this guy will have. Right now it’s hard to know for sure how many he will have. Personally I am hoping for something under 10 wounds. This would allow him to avoid being targeted by non sniper units, and believe me when is say this guy will likely be a huge target.
In any case what are your thoughts on The Lord Discordant? Do you think some of my predictions are accurate? Either way be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, i’m personally going to call him The Lord of Disco, just because.
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Thanks again to Games Workshop for the images used in our article.

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