What We Know About Space Marine Ultramarines: Scions of Guilliman

The Ultramarines are one of the strongest Space Marine Chapters. They also are known for their adherence to the Codex Astartes. Today we’ll be looking at all the info shared about the new Codex Supplement for the Ultramarines.
Ultramarines Abilities
The Ultramarines get all the standard Space Marine abilities from the new codex. But they also gain some extra ones from the supplement. Such as Scions of Guilliman and Telepathic Assault:
Scions of Guilliman is huge as it will allow for infantry squads to move and fire with Bolter Discipline rules. But also it allows other units, such as vehicles, to be able to gain advantages. Even if they don’t have an assault or rapid fire weapon.
Telepathic Assault is great for dealing some serious damage to lower leadership squads. It is part of the Indomitus discipline.
Ultramarines Relics and Wargear
The Codex Supplement comes with Relics of Macragge that you can equip models with instead of a relic from Codex: Space Marines. Two examples are The Sanctic Halo and the special-issue Sunwrath Pistol:
The Sanctic Halo is basically Iron Halo but on steroids. Ultramarines are going to have hard to kill characters running around. That only get scarier if rolling with a unit with the next weapon.
The Sunwrath Pistol is a overcharged plasma pistol all the time but with no downside. This will bring some pain on the tabletop.
Ultramarines Stratagems
Codex Supplement: Ultramarines includes 16 Strategems that can be used with an Ultramarines army. In addition to all the ones from Codex: Space Marines. Tactical Expertise is one of those stratagems and it looks absolutely mean:
Ultramarines Lore Units
The supplement also includes a detailed lore section with chapter organization and even a name generator. There also are special datasheets for Captain Sicarius, power axe Honor Guard and even Roboute Guilliman himself.
There also are Tyrannic War Veterans, which even have their own special ability:
Chief Librarian Tigurius
Having been updated to be Primaris. Chief Libraian Tigurius is looking pretty good with an all new profile:
His Hood of Hellfire has been improved as well. Making it easy to manifest the most difficult psychic powers.
Not to worry he still has the ability to protect his fellow Ultramarines from harm still.
In Conclusion
From the Chapter Tactics teased a couple days ago Ultramarines looked to be one of the more tame factions. But the new Codex Supplement is sure to make them a fearsome force at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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