What We Know About Space Marines Impulsor and Infiltrator/Incursor Kits


The Space Marine hits keep on coming. With the final two units to not have a kit from the new Codex Space Marines finally preparing for launch. It’s the Impulsor and the Infiltrator/Incursor kit. Let’s take a look.


The Impulsor is the little brother to the Repulsor. Able to transport 6 Primaris Infantry models, no Gravis Armor though. These are the cheap transport option for your Primaris. But before we get into it, we gotta address that the Impulsor is totally a pickup truck.

Seriously, it’s got a bed complete with the grab bars on the side. It’s freakin’ awesome, but even more awesome is what this thing can do.

Assault Vehicle gives a Space Marine vehicle another special rule that no other army has. This can make the squad of Hellblasters with Plasma Incinerators dropping out turn 1 very deadly. Plus if you want to keep them in the transport there are variety of support options for that:

With the Shield Dome being able to mitigate half the high AP shots coming at you is gonna keep the Impulsor around. On the flip side the Orbital Comms Array deals out a ton of mortal wounds once a battle. If firepower is your thing the Ironhail Skytalon Array is a great choice for those Xenos Fly based armies. Or there’s the Bellicatus Missle Array if you want a well-rounded weapon.


Both Infiltrators and Incursors act as the advanced troops for the Primaris Space Marines. Giving them both access to Concealed Positions.

But from that point on both units start to differentiate in what they can do in their roles as infiltrators. For instance the use of the Infiltrators Omni-Scramblers:

The Omni-Scramblers act as a great screen to prevent enemy units from dropping within assault range of the Infiltrators. But also if taking a Phobos leader they can be deadly:

Infiltrator Comms Array makes Infiltrators into some of the best screening units ever. With the ability to be anywhere but also still get the buffs from their leaders. However the new Incursor units have some tricks of their own like their weapons:

The Occulus Bolt Carbine being able to ignore cover is great as a counter infiltration unit. But the fun doesn’t stop there since their Haywire Mine can deny board area as well.

Being able to deny areas of the board with the Haywire mine puts a deadly twist on the denial that the Incursors provide. It really makes your opponent think before moving units. There is one more trick that Incursors have:

The Multi-spectrum Array can be really good against a lot of Aeldari lists but it does prevent any buffs as well. Combined with the Occulus Bolt Carbines, Incursors are an excellent counter infiltration unit.

In Conclusion

The Impulsor provides a solid and cheap way to transport most of your MSU Primaris Squads where they need to be. While the Infiltrators and Incursors will keep them safe from sneaky forces. All three of these units should provide quite the defense for your Primaris forces. These all go up for preorder this weekend, so be sure to get some to use at the game table.

As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.

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