What We Know About Space Marine Codex Chapter Tactics

After all the Space Marine reveals this weekend, Games Workshop still has more to give us. We’ve gotten more information about the Chapter Tactics for the new Space Marine codex.
Crimson Fists
The first chapter up are the Crimson Fists, making them an actual chapter again for Space Marines.
This Chapter Tactic seems to be best for a bunch of small squads against a more swarm-type army. Plus the ability to have an unmodified Dakka rule with any bolt weapon, will make Crimson Fists difficult to outshoot.
Black Templars
The Black Templars now get to reroll just one of their charge dice if they choose. Which definitely helps to get those harder charges off. Also the ability to have a 5+ feel no pain for mortal wounds, giving them a good protection from psychic powers.
Imperial Fists
Imperial Fists may be there for defending anything. But you will not be able to hide from them while charging their walls. They get the ability to ignore cover saves but also they get dakka on bolt weapons.
The Ultramarines getting the ability to fall back from assault and still shoot like a unit that can fly is pretty cool. Even if it is at minus one to hit.
White Scars
White Scars will be the choice for a mobile Space Marine Force. Granting the ability to charge after an advance or even a Fall Back will keep your Scars up close and personal. But also the ability to move at speed and fire without penalty helps with supporting those units.
Raven Guard
Being in cover as long as the Raven Guard are further than 12” away is huge. But then the minus one to be hit if the unit is not a vehicle and fully in cover, makes them a force you have to engage at close range.
Now every unit in a Salamanders force gets to benefit from the rerolls. But also AP minus one being treated as zero is huge as you’ll need some serious power to affect saves.
Iron Hands
The Iron Hands get the dreaded T’au Sept ability of a 5 or 6 Overwatch which is pretty nasty. But then their vehicles count as being double the number of wounds remaining for the damage tables.
In Conclusion
All the new abilities coming to the Space Marines looks like they will become more of a dominant force on the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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