What We Know About Iron Father Feirros

The Iron Hands Codex Supplement includes rules for their Master of the Forge. Iron Father Feirros. This guy looks to be an absolute beast, and an almost must-include in your Iron Hands list. Let’s take a look…
Feirros’ Stats and Abilities
First up we have the Iron Father’s stat line which is pretty healthy, sporting a 2+ save and toughness 5 with 7 wounds. This guy is not going down anytime soon. Plus, he has a amazing assortment of weapons. From the standard bolt pistol and servo-arms to the two relics he sports
Gorgon’s Wrath truly is the heavy bolter perfected, with an additional AP and damage. This thing will drop most of a squad of Primaris a turn. Plus the Harrowhand makes him even more deadly in close combat. With 5 attacks at strength 7, he can be doing some serious counter damage to enemies daring to charge your lines. On that note let’s look at some of his abilities…
Rites of Tempering is huge. Giving units within 6” a 5+ invulnerable means the Iron Hands will be a stalwart force. But Feirros doesn’t just protect.
With Signum Array he also can make a unit fire with incredible accuracy. Meaning that you can have that shot you need to work, go off pretty much every time. But also he’s even an expert repairman, being Master of the Forge.
In Conclusion
Iron Father Feirros is an incredible special character and has so much utility for an Iron Hands list. This model will be up for pre-order this weekend. We certainly are looking forward to watching him wreak havoc at the game table.
As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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