What We Know About Codex Supplements: Raven Guard and Iron Hands

The second wave of Codex Supplements for the new Codex Space Marines will soon be here. Honored in this wave are the Raven Guard and the Iron Hands. The stealth and bionic forces are about to get a lot of attention, lets take a look
Codex Supplements
First off there is the Codex Supplements themselves. The Raven Guard will be getting all the rules you need for the incredibly tall power armored ninjas. They have access to the Umbramancy psychic discipline, Relics of the Ravenspire, new warlord traits and more.
The undying forces of the Iron Hands likewise will have access to the Technomancy psyker discipline. But also their warlords can use special warlord traits, Relics of Medusa and other abilities. Both forces are getting their own set of datacards as well.
Primaris Upgrade and Transfer Sheets
Both the Raven Guard and the Iron Hands will be getting their own sets of Primaris upgrades. The Raven Guard set comes with the first beaky helmet for Primaris. Plus the unhelmeted heads sport the longer hair shown in the Shrike model recently. For the Iron Hands, there are some bionic limbs, so you don’t have to get those third party. Also there are some great augmented heads either helmeted or bare.
Special Characters
Raven Guard will be getting an update to Shrike as well. Who looks very different from his previous model. With a more Reiver style jump pack, and “talon” lightening claws. Plus let’s not forget the long swooping hair. Shrike should be key for backing up all your rapid assault forces.
Iron Hands get a new character in the form of Iron Father Feirros. Even though adept at repairing vehicles the character is no slouch in combat. Sporting a heavy bolter dubbed Gorgon’s Wrath and his axe, Harrowhand, this guy is not to be messed with.
Other Units
Coming alongside the Codex Supplements are the Eliminators kit, containing the tank busting las fusils. Also a Vanguard Lieutenant, who even sports a little smoke cloud on his base.
In Conclusion
This great stuff should be available for pre-order this weekend. These Supplements should add even more flexibility to the already flexible Space Marines. Be sure to watch out for them at the game table.
As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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