What We Know About Chapter Master Shrike

Shrike is the Raven Guard’s Master of Shadows. With his new Primaris upgrade, Shrike will be able to lead his jump pack equipped brethren to victory. Let’s take a look…
Shrike’s Wargear and Abilities
First up is the stat line for Kayvaan Shrike, which is quite impressive. He has more durability thanks to his Primaris upgrades. But also that extra 2 inches of movement can really help to close the distance. But let’s take a look at his weapons…
Blackout is quite the pistol sporting 6” and 2 shots with the stat line of a stalker bolt rifle. This thing is already brutal. But also ignoring character priority with 6+ mortal wounds, this thing is a character assassin. Then there’s the Raven’s Talons which have an extra AP and Damage. But also reroll wounds which is huge for a strength 4 weapon. For abilities Shrike gives reroll ones but also there’s Winged Deliverance…
This means that coupled with a jump pack escort, Shrike will be pumping out a ton of pain wherever it is needed. But to top it all off there’s Diving Charge…
This ability will make it so that if that character might survive from the pistol fire, and the assault. It gives that extra security that the character is going down.
In Conclusion
Shrike looks like an excellent unit to lead you forces into battle, and is truly the Master of Shadows. He will be a must include to beef up those character assaulting forces. He will be available for pre-order this weekend and we certainly can’t wait to see him at the game table.
As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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