What the Warhammer "Tribe" means for you.


In my day job, I talk about something called ‘Tribes”
Typically what I’m referring to are people who have similar interests to you.

Most of the time, we make the mistake of taking our tribe for granted.
They’re the gamers you see every week at your local game store. You might think they’re always going to be there, and that you’ll always be able to go and have fun with them.
However, that group of people is incredibly important.
First up, they help keep the store alive. Without the combined purchases of you as a group the store would wither and fade away.
The function as tutors, teaching new players how the play the game and answering detailed questions a random clerk at Wal-Mart may not know.
They give are there to challenge you to grow and improve yourself.
In some situations they may be incredibly close friends, or in others a sympathetic ear when needed.
I’m always fond of the gaming tribe, as I travel a lot.
When I travel I always take the time to visit the local game stores and meet with other members of our “tribe.”
Instantly, I can have conversations about the newest miniatures Like the upcoming new Primaris Version of Calgar (picture thanks to Warhammer community) or the book I was reading last week and they know where I’m coming from and can pick up the conversation with me where it was left off by my friends.

In short, take a moment to think today about the pure power we truly have in our gaming community and perhaps next time you’re at a store, or hanging with some friends from your local community take a step back and truly appreciate how amazing it is for us to be able to share.
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