What could this new mini be?!


As always, this week’s Rumor Engine will be teasing fans everywhere with a small picture of a new mini that GW will be releasing soon!

First off, we’re torn between deciding whether the pattern and overall design of the object resonate better with Age of Sigmar or 40K. Secondly, it looks a lot like an instrument, but it could also be a torture device that a 40K faction is known for using.
Whatever it may be, we don’t really have a definite answer. However, here are our guesses:

  1.  Drukhari’s torture device, because why not? If this is dropping a hint for a 40k faction, there’s a huge chance that it’s the Drukhari. It resonates that sinister vibe of the faction.

  1. Slaanesh’s twisted harp? because it does look like a harp after all and the design is as sinister as the faction. Also, previous Rumor Engines somewhat leads to Slaanesh. So, it’s quite hard to rule them out, especially now that GW has picked up speed on their AoS releases.

  1. Deepkin weaponry?  Sharp and pointy are two of the things that best describes this faction. And, apparently, whatever this object is, it sure is carved with a handful of sharp and pointy fringes.

Let us know what you can deduce from this week’s puzzle courtesy of the Rumor Engine. Guess away!

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