Warhammer+ App Launching August 25th!


What is Warhammer+ and what is included? The Nights team got a quick sneak-peek behind the scenes of the new Warhammer+ App and we’re going to break it all down for you. Eddie from the Warhammer Community Team presented a 35 min preview about the all-new Warhammer+ service that will be launching on 25th Aug.

This is an extension to the Warhammer App and will cost users £4.99 a month or an annual price of £49.99. Included in this price are many features and a free model that subscribers will receive once a year.

It will cover all aspects of the hobby but the main focus will be on Painting, Gaming and Videos (Animation, short stories and Series type animations).

These were some of the features that Eddie spoke about briefly that subscribers will gain access to.

·        Advanced Painting and Hobby Guides

·        Loremasters

·        Premium App Access

Watch the Warhammer+ Announcement here!

Advanced Painting and Hobby Guides.

These are aimed at people that want to level up their hobby skills. For example, there will be in depth guides to painting faces at a greater detail and Games being played at Warhammer World with tips, tricks and extra rules that will make the games more competitive if wanted.


A video series of staff members telling stories about the lore of the Warhammer universe and going into greater depth of the Warhammer Lore. I imagine these are the people who write the Army Books and Codex etc

Premium App Access.

Being a Warhammer + member will grant you premium access to events they run.

There will be TV element to Warhammer + and this is in two parts.

First part being Battlereports, Loremaster Shows and Citadel Colour Masterclasses and the second part being the Animation side. He mainly spoke about the Hammer and Bolter and Angels of Death and they were described as;

Hammer and Bolter – 20min Short Animations that are about different features and topics that have happened and will happen in the Warhammer universe.

Angels of Death – A running series that episodes will follow on from each other.

After the 20 Min video of ‘Old Bale Eye’ he answered some quick questions but they were just a recap of what he already said. Membership is £4.99 a month or £49.99 for a year and you get 1 free model a year.

The service won’t be available in China and will be limited at the start of launch in the Philippines.

You can upgrade an already owned Warhammer App to the Warhammer + App service.

Every week on a Wednesday or ‘Warhammer Wednesday’ he called it there will be new content. He did mention this will be from Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k but did not say in what order these will run.

If you want even more information you can watch the entire livestream over on Twitch!

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