Warhammer 40k Winning Lists

This is the list for all Warhammer 40k Winning Lists! Each weekend the tables are brought out, the minis painted to perfection, the dice are rolled, and someone must come up triumphant.

We’ve done all of the heavy lifting to put all of the Warhammer 40k Winning Lists in one place.

Warhammer 40k Winning Lists November 2021

Westminster Hobbytown Warhammer 40K GT

Overview: The Westminster Hobbytown Warhammer 40k GT was a Major event in Colorado with 58 Players. One Keynote was the Balance Dataslate was not in effect making the second place showing of Grey Knights all the more impressive. Even if it was, it would not have applied to the first place list as it did not rely on buggy spam or any planes at all. 

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Westminster Hobbytown GT Top Placers:

  1. Marshall Peterson – Orks
  2. Sensei Swag – Imperial Knights
  3. Travis Armstrong – Grey Knights

The Battle for Salvation Top Placers:

  1. Sean Nayden- Drukhari
  2. Anthony Vanella – Drukari
  3. Daniel Wolmoth – Adeptus Soritas

Warhammer 40k Winning Lists October 2021

Battle For Salvation

battle for salvation warhammer 40k

Overview: The Battle for Salvation Warhammer 40k Tournament returns after a one year break with 80 players throwing dice and moving Minis in New York. Using the top cut system player could allow for any player to win after day 2. However, that did not stop Sean Nayden from going undefeated all together. Defeating the second place player in the Drukhari on Drukhari arena spectacle.

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The Battle for Salvation Top Placers:

  1. Sean Nayden- Drukhari
  2. Anthony Vanella – Drukari
  3. Daniel Wolmoth – Adeptus Soritas

Michigan GT 2021

michigan gt warhammer 40k

Overview: 131 players proved that you never give up, never surrender and there’s Death or Glory this past weekend at the Michigan GT Warhammer 40k Tournament. As a battle point tournament anyone could win the event provided their scores were high enough. In fact one undefeated player was in 25th place.

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Michigan GT Top Placers:

  1. Brad Chester – Drukhari
  2. Thomas Ogden – Adeptus Mechanicus
  3. Kramer Doyle – Drukhari

US Open New Orleans

US Open New Orleans Warhammer 40k

Overview: Last weekend saw three Days of games and fun in downtown NOLA for The US Open New Orleans Warhammer 40k Tournament. Games Workshop held their second Open of the  year for 167 players to come out, get games and of course, find out who had the best list. 

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US Open New Orleans Top Placers:

  1. Richard Siegler -Adeptus Mechanicus
  2. Brad Chester – Drukhari
  3. Mark Perry – Freebooterz

Warhammer 40k Winning Lists – September 2021

The London GT

The London GT Warhammer 40k

Overview: At The London GT Warhammer 40k tournament nearly 600 people decided to come out and play for chance to prove who is best. After 7 rounds Admech stood above all others. The top cut was just the top 4 undefeated players after 5 rounds. That left plenty of undefeated lists but folks lacking in points didn’t get a chance to prove their mettle.

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The London GT Top Placers:

  1. Malik Amin Rubio – Admech
  2. Alex Harrison – Deathwatch
  3. David Horn – Deathguard

Warzone Houston

warzone houston warhammer 40k

Overview: This weekend’s other Warhammer 40k 3 day event saw a shake up to the meta at the Warzone Houston Event. Yes there was green with a side of more green but more importantly Chaos Space Marines came in first with all the big guns.

As always The Nights’ Team has your back with a complete breakdown of Warzone Houston’s winning lists.

Warzone Houston Top Placers:

  1. Russell Tassin – Chaos Space Marines
  2. Colin Mcdade – Orks
  3. Matt Tweedle – Orks

The Iron Halo Con

iron halo con

Overview: The Iron Halo Con was a well attended major event this weekend. 102 players brought their A game to Iron Halo to close out the Lord Marshall Conference. Nearly 10% of the Iron Halo field was Grey Knights and after 6 rounds they would take top spot.

The Iron Halo Con complete breakdown by our resident experts can be found here.

The Iron Halo Top Winners:

  1. Ben Cherwien – Grey Knights
  2. Colin McDade – Orks
  3. Dan Sammons – Orks

The Alliance Open – Netherlands

the alliance open warhammer 40k

Overview: The Alliance Open held a Super Major this weekend. In this Open GT 7 rounds of fury there were over 160 Players in the Netherlands. Even with Thousand Sons and Grey Knights joining the Competitive Meta, the usual suspects are at the top.

For each tournament our very own experts break down each list and the strategies and tactics they used to dominate the tournament. To see The Alliance Open Winning Lists Tactics and Strategies click here.

The Alliance Open Top Winners:

  1. Justin Jansen – Mixed Admech 
  2. Ruud Steenbakkers – Drukhari
  3. Thomas Bruthscher – Orks

Da summer waaagh 2 – Horwich, England

Overview: This tournament brought the Waaagh back this summer! Orks piloted by Mani Cheema managed a third place as his round 3 opponent proved Mars makes a better Red and slowed his Speed Waaagh down.

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Da Summer Waaaagh 2 Top Winners:

  1. Jay Wood – Drukhari
  2. Matt Charles – Iron Hands
  3. Mani Cheema – Orks

Summer Slaughter – Stowe, PA

Wargaming Guild: Summer Slaughter 2021 - 40K ITC T, Dark Sphere Shepherd's  Bush Megastore, London, 21 August to 22 August

Overview: From the Summer Slaughter website, “The Basement War Gamers are proud to present Summer Slaughter 2021, an Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament with a single day Kill Team Event. Event to take place at St. Gabe’s Lodge located at 525 Jefferson St, Stowe, PA 19464. Space limited to 100 Age of Sigmar players and 24 Kill Team players.”

Full breakdown of strategies and tactics for these winning lists is available here.

Top Winners:

  1. Mani Cheema – First Place Summer Slaughter: Orks
  2. Rafael Harbinson – Second Place Summer Slaughter: Whitescars
  3. Andrew Bourbon – Third Place Summer Slaughter: Imperium

Warhammer 40k August 2021 Winning Lists

The Winning List trend for August 2021 is lending is being completely dominated by Aeldari/Drukhari.

US Open Warhammer 40k – Orlando, FL

Orland Florida

Overview: Games Workshop has returned with the first Warhammer US Open Series hosted in Orlando, Florida as part of the US Open Series 2021! There was 3 days of competitive Warhammer 40k Gaming and the top 3 had two surprises! Notice the lack Of Drukhari? Definitely the first surprise… The other is that a pure Custodes list managed to pull out a third place win with a 6 point lead!

You can read the full review of the US Open Warhammer 40k Tournament Winning Lists here.

Top Winners:

  1. Richard Siegler – First Place US Open: Cult Mechanicus
    Wins: 4
    Match Scores: 97/71/97/84
  2. John Lennon – Second Place US Open: Adepta Sororitas
    Wins: 3
    Match Scores: 87/100/82/82
  3. Steve Trimble – Third Place US Open: Adeptus Custodes
    Wins: 3
    Match Scores: 89/67/100/90

Flying Monkey Con Winning Lists

May be a cartoon of text

Overview: Held in Wichita, Kansas this was another successful Warhammer 40k Major GT with 85 attendees. To address submarining at Flying Monkey Con, the practice of deliberately scoring lower to avoid tougher matches, the event had random pairings rounds 1-3. Granted winners still had to take on winners but this was to encourage folks to get the highest scores they could. New Orks were allowed at Flying Monkey Con and were even playing at the top table but fell to Drukhari for a not unfamiliar spread of Drukhari, Admech, and more Drukhari.  

You can read the full review of the Flying Monkey Con and all of the 40k Winning Lists here.

Top Winners:

  1. Matt Root First Place Flying Monkey Con: Drukhari
    Wins: 6
    Match Scores: 92/97/59/94/95/78
  2. Matt Evans Second Place Flying Monkey Con: Cult Mechanicus
    Wins: 6
    Match Scores: 97/97/91/56/73/94
  3. Charlie Andre Third Place Flying Monkey Con: Drukhari
    Wins: 5
    Match Scores: 100/97/56/97/96/96

Showdown at Frogtown Winning Lists

Showdown at Frogtown!

Overview: This tournament was from July 31st to August 1st and located in Toledo, Ohio. This year was the first time this tournament reached ITC Major status. Check out their website for full tournament details, rules, and information on attending next time!

You can read a full review of the Showdown at Frogtown and all of the 40k Winning lists here.

Top Winners:

  1. Brad Chester 1st Place Showdown at Frogtown: Aeldari – Drukhari
    Win/Loss: 4-0
    Match Scores:
  2. Matt Estrada 2nd Place Showdown at Frogtown Adeptus Mechanicus:
    Win/Loss: 4-0-1
    Match Scores:
  3. Tom Ogden 3rd Place Showdown at Frogtown: Adeptus Mechanicus
    Win/Loss: 3-1
    Match Scores: