Warhammer 40k Space Marine Iron Hands Whirlwind Tactics

Iron Hands is probably the best Chapter to take if you run vehicles. But it works surprisingly well with Whirlwinds.
The Strategy
Iron Hands units have a 6+ Feel No Pain, use 5 or 6 on Overwatch, and vehicles double their wounds for the damage chart. For the 11 wound Whirlwind this is huge. The model will not degrade a level until it has two wounds remaining. Only hitting the bottom tier on one wound remaining.
Plus if enemy units are trying to be tricky by charging the model around the corner. It can still fire with its whirlwind launcher. But not just that, it’s doing so on 5s and 6s. Plus even if the enemy manages to start hitting your Whirlwind. They’ll have to get through the 3+ save and the 6+ feel no pain. Which will slow its destruction even more.
But that’s not even it, there is a stratagem in the new codex for 2 Command Points called Suppression Fire. This stratagem allows a Whirlwind that has not moved to fire again in the shooting phase. But only with its indirect weapon. All of this from a model that only costs 85 points.
Let’s not forget that the Whirlwind has a 72” Heavy 2D3 Strength 7 AP -1 2 Damage missile launcher on top. That means in the early turns of the game with the Devastator Doctrine active this weapon is actually AP -2. With a couple of Iron Hands Whirlwinds in cover, you can be sure your army will have the supporting fire it needs.
In Conclusion
Most of the Chapters in the new Codex: Space Marines are pretty good. But if you’re running a vehicle heavy force or want some serious backup, Iron Hands Whirlwinds are the way to go.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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