Warhammer 40k Codex Supplement: White Scars Review

The White Scars are the rapid assault force of the Adeptus Astartes. They also are the second Chapter to get a codex supplement alongside the new Space Marine Codex. Let’s take a look at all their new toys.
White Scars Abilities
The White Scars have access to all the Angels of Death abilities from the base codex. But also have a unique one of their own. It is known as Devastating Charge. While the Assault Doctrine is active when a unit charges or Heroically Intervenes add 1 to damage. This is huge combined with the assault doctrine. As your weapons will now be plus 1 to damage, -1 to AP, and with Shock Assault will be 1 extra attack.
Also for successor chapters of the White Scars they will have access to all the abilities and wargear in the supplement. But change the chapter from White Scars to the name of the successor chapter in abilities. The Successor Chapters will not have access to Relics of Chogoris without the Gift of the Khans stratagem.
White Scars Units
The one big unit from the codex supplement is Kor’sarro Khan. Who has been updated into full Primaris glory. He now has a mechanical hawk that can deal extra mortal wounds on shooting attacks. Plus he buffs nearby White Scar units with plus 1 to wound rolls on a charge and re-rolling hits of 1. Combined with the White Scar ability Kor’sarro and units around him will form a brick of melee pain.
Warlord Traits
The White Scars have 6 traits unique to them. One of which is their standard trait from the Codex. Almost all of these abilities turn your warlord into a terrifying melee combatant.
Be they adding D3 attacks on a charge. Adding 1 attack after killing a character. Adding 1 to hits and wounds against monsters or vehicles. Or preventing enemies from falling back. The White Scars warlord is someone you don’t want near your forces. But with the White Scars abilities he will be tough to keep away.
Relics of Chogoris
These are the Relics that only the purest of White Scars can hope to wield. Banner of the Eagle grants an additional strength to units with 6” of the Ancient wielding it. This gives White Scars an across the board buff to everything in melee on the charge. Wrath of the Heavens allows a bike to move up to 16” over models and terrain like a model with Fly. The Scimitar of the Great Khan is a power sword with +1 strangth, -3 AP, and two damage. But it also doubles the damage of an attack with a wound roll of 6. These will all make some even more potent melee characters and units.
Special-Issue Wargear
The Special-Issue wargear is available to all White Scars even their successor chapters. Of these a couple stand out the most. First is the Equis-Pattern Bolt Pistol. This bolt pistol has pistol 5 and ap -1. That makes this one weapon able to fire like a minimum squad by itself. The other is the Cyber-Eagle Helm which allows units within 6” to fire Overwatch on a 5 or 6. So T’au aren’t that unique anymore.
White Scars Stratagems
There are 16 strategems that the White Scars can use in adtion to any from the base Codex. Some of the best ones a pretty good. Wind-swifts allows a unit to move and advance after moving once. But they cannot do anything after that all for 2CP. Lightning Debarkation for 1CP allows a unit to exit a non-Fly Transport after it moved.
Hunters’ Fusillade makes Heavy and Rapid Fire weapons Assault weapons when the unit advances, all for 1 CP. Combined with bikers and the Chapter ability this will make some deadly bikers. A Mighty Trophy makes the army fearless after killing the enemy warlord in melee for 1 CP. Encirclement brings back outflank for 1CP.
Stormspeaking Discipline
The Psykers of the Whire Scars Chapter have the Stormspeaking Discipline available to them. This discipline is all about harnessing the elements.
Stromspeaking spells can slow your enemies movement or hasten your own units with gales of wind. They can summon lighting storms and hurricanes to harm their enemies. They also can cloud the minds of their opponents by summoning spirits or by creating a great fog around them. All these abilities are great for getting you White Scars where they should be in direct contact with the enemy. But they also stop the enemy from getting away from you making sure you can get that charge off.
In Conclusion
The White Scars Supplement full turns them into the perfect rapid assault force. From their abilities to move at high speeds and continue firing. To their large number of ways to guarantee they get into melee. The White Scars will definitely for the more close combat oriented be seen at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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